Finland’s State Church to Sanction Prayer for Gay Marriages

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland's General Synod has approved, by a vote of 78-30, the creation of a prayer for registered same-sex partnerships.

AFP reports: Lutheran

"After years of debate, Finland's state church took a step towards accepting gay relationships with an announcement Friday it would create a "prayer moment" for registered partnerships. 'The proposal offers a positive opportunity to minister to church members who are sexual minorities,' the General Synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Church's highest administrative body, said in a statement. The General Synod must now draw up a formula for a prayer that walks a fine doctrinal line, observers said. Lutheran ministers will have the choice of performing the prayer with gay couples in a church, but it will not actually constitute a church's blessing of the union itself, synod spokesman Marko Kailasmaa told AFP…The vote can be seen as a concession of sorts to a groundswell of popular support within the church community for Christian gays, lesbians and bisexuals. 'A prayer moment is part of pastoral care … It's not an official sacrament, but you can't say that a prayer is less important,' Kailasmaa said."

In October, the Church reportedly saw an exodus of tens of thousands of people over remarks it made at a gay rights panel on the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

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  1. Matt26 says

    It’s been a long and difficult battle and it’s not over yet. Finland is far behind Sweden and Denmark in this. I am disappointed and so were many who voted for praying saying they would have wanted more, but at this point it was impossible.
    The good thing was only 30 voted against it.
    It was a small – but in a way big – step, but every step is important.

  2. Beldon says

    Gay marriages is not allowed in this World according to the Bible.That is why God created a male and a female for them to share their love together through marriages. it is not meant for man and a man or woman and a woman……….

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