Bristol Palin Responds To Cho With Odd ‘Indigo Girls’ Logic

It's a pretty politically worded letter for a non-political person, and fairly persuasive. Bristol's end note, however, brings the entire thing back into partisan light, and it's distinctly lavender.

Writes Palin, "You say you 'don't agree with the family's politics at all, [but] if you understood that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence, you would embrace us faster than KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert."

In light of Palin sister Willow's recent anti-gay remarks, it's not surprising people are reading Bristol's missive as a below-the-belt attack, although it's far too illogical to be read as a directly homophobic hit. Why would Cho embrace KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert? Or is KD Lang just a stock lesbian?

Maybe the line was meant to be "faster than a girl embraces KD Lang at an Indigo Girls concert?" Or, rather, "Faster than KD Lang embraces a lady at an Indigo Girls Concert?"

I'm confused, and I suspect Palin may be, as well.


  1. BC says

    “commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals”

    This isn’t actually true.

  2. Mrs. Sippi says

    There is no way Bristol Palin wrote that. Also, her attempt at lesbian insider humor is sophomoric.

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    Bristol’s probably right. She couldn’t possibly have done more damage to Sarah’s campaign than Sarah did.

    The only reason that conservative voters would care that the “Family Values” party’s candidate’s daughter is an unwed teen-aged mother would be if the candidate were from another party.

  4. patrick nyc says

    I also thought that someone must be doing her copy, if not she is 100% more articulate than her Mother, then again so is a five year old.

  5. marshallt says

    It does sound like she’s trying to say that conservative values support GLBT rights – but she can’t be that confused, can she? Next she’ll be saying conservatives support social justice and a safety net.

  6. marshallt says

    OMG – just had an idea for Bristol’s next reality TV show. Let’s see her try to live on the amount of money the government provides to uneducated single teenage mom’s whose mother doesn’t happen to be rich and famous. Season Two could be Bristol gets a job at McDonald’s and struggles to pay for child care.

  7. Theo says

    “commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals”…WTF? Is she out of her mind? She will only be able to get the fact right when she can get out of her denial for being a bigot just like the rest of her family.

  8. Joe says

    If she doesn’t think she factored into the way people voted then she is wrong. The fact that Sarah was for abstinence only education and a host of “family values” while toting around a daughter who was 17, pregnant, and in a shot-gun wedding made palin and her family values non-sense look foolish.

  9. David in Houston says

    I think she meant to say, “…that commonsense conservative values supports the right of individuals like you, like all of us, to live our lives with less government interference and more independence as long as you’re a white straight Christian.”

    Damn, that family is fucking stupid.

  10. PS66 says

    It’s pretty hard to blame Bristol for saying yes, imo. I can’t imagine any kid would say no either…and I’m not sure they/she should. Sure, she’s on the nepotism express & I’m not a fan, but it’s impossible to blame her for being born into that mob. Smartly she realized she might need some F-you money when mom finally goes all the way around the bend! I’d much rather see Levi on DWTS, he seems to be on the short end of this whole deal. While being on the “outs” w/Sarah Palin is probably a plus for him he still needs to support his kid. Plus would it not piss Sara off if Levi actually WON DWTS?

    I wonder…If Bristol had given Levi a BJ instead of screwing his lights out (go abstinence) would she continue to be or ever have become a role model?

  11. True Words says

    Ms. Cho (with her phony claims of bisexuality) is the liar and deceiver here…why even spread such silly garbage Ms. Cho…because you have NO career and you cling to the gay audience because they are the ONLY ones that come to your shows…of course Bristol’s comments are screened and polished…DUH!

    Ms. Cho is much like Kathy Griffin but far less funny and far less ballsy but in the end…I am not a gay man who needs your pandering to shell out my money to see the SAME old stand-up routine year after, after year…oh yeah that goes for Ms. Griffin as well.

  12. David Kaufman says

    @True Words
    Tell it brother! Margaret Cho is proof-positive of the LGBT need for “representation” even when it’s nowhere to be found.

    She is beyond a joke — and not a funny one at that.

    I’m ready for some REAL gay stars!

  13. Oliver says

    Is this Ms Cho’s attempt to get some publicity and try to get back into the limelight now that her 1DWTS moment is up?
    Ms Cho is not funny (anyone here happen to see her in Provincetown? ‘nuf said).

  14. Toto says

    @True Words

    Yeah, Im sure you have challenged Margaret to a series of pussy eating contests to affirm her bisexuality. Just because she isn’t married to a woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an attraction to women and had experienced lesbian sex. So your claims of her so called “phoniness” hold as much weight as her claims about Bristol. Its one thing to be turned off by someone’s style of humor, you dont have to be a bitter bitch about someone who has been vocal of their support of the glbt community from very early in their career. My god, take a laxative miss thang!

  15. True Words says

    Hey Toto, I have eaten about 20-25 pussies and let me tell you I know my way around that meaty clitoris/vulva and that sweet pearl that oozes once you get it going with your tongue or even a few fingers…

    However Ms. Cho is a liar and a phony and I would gladly have a pussy eating contest with her with my boyfriend standing by my side..

    Her support is to fill seats; that comes first…where was her support when she started out NO WHERE; she dried up on the landscape and all of a sudden she was gay friendly…

    BTW: Toto pussy is warm and delicious

  16. Toto says

    @True Words

    I’ll let you keep all the pussy you want, believe me. Until I see some proof of her phoniness all I see is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Now,’scuse me while I vomit.

  17. Steve in DE says

    I saw Margaret Cho perform a couple of years ago and assumed that she had given up comedy for the lecture circuit.

    As far as the letter she received goes, I agree with those who say Bristol didn’t write it. It sounds too much like the mumbo jumbo that comes out of her mother’s mouth.

  18. finkles2000 says

    I’m not 100% sure her response is homophobic (more like an extremely lame attempt at humor, and I doubt Bristol even knows who k.d. Lang is, so I’m sure she didn’t write this). But after Sarah Palin’s defense of her daughter Willow using the word “faggot” in a derogatory way, I’m not surprised at this response. How does that song go? “You’ve got to be carefully taught to hate.” Pretty much sums up the Palin family, if you ask me.

  19. says

    Anyone who could believe what Bristol Palin said could only have come from the womb of Sarah Palin. …”Less government interference” my lily white ass.

  20. anon says

    Cho’s claims are pretty bizarre. All the Bristol stuff that happened occurred before SP got the nomination and Bristol never made any statements to the press. SP didn’t lose the election for John McCain. His wacky statements and bizarre behavior were enough to do that, and Obama was having a very good to boot.

  21. VonLmo says

    Did mommy get Bristol on the show in order to get her out of Alaska? Were the stories of Bristol leading a gang of teens vandalizing an unoccupied house up in Wasilla true?

  22. wimsy says

    I’m trying to think of something less important than this, and struggling to figure out why anybody cares what Bristol says or does. Can we get Gingrich’s third wife involved somehow? Or Clarence Thomass?

  23. C says

    Not a big fan of Bristol’s mother, politically speaking, but Bristol herself seems alright to me and I like Margaret Cho. Bristol sounds like she’s trying to be supportive by releasing this quote (regardless of whether she “actually” wrote it or not), and if you read Cho’s blog entry she is just, well, blogging. The comments are just something she heard (hardly virulent gossip) and in context she is clearly supportive of Bristol.