1. Randy says

    Kyle, for what it’s worth, Paul’s Wikipedia page called him the primary lead vocalist for Kiss, which would make him the frontman. I randomly picked a KISS video on YouTube, and it was Paul who sang the most.

  2. paul says

    I have been a KISS fan since the 70’s…I can tell you that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley started the band together. Paul is definitely the lead singer for KISS…Gene is the more public figure because Gene is behind most of the marketing of KISS.
    But Frankly, who cares!!

    I am really excited to see them stepping up. Both guys are from an era of macho rockers…and have slept with tons of women, but their first manager Bill Acoin was gay…and I am certain that lots of other people in their employ had to be gay.

    For all of you haters out there…who are gonna say something mean…these men in this band are still going strong after nearly 40 years. They struggled in the begining and now they can take it easy, but they haven’t. They still continue to work.

    These video series are great. Because these men are married with their own children. Paul Stanley has 3 children…one of which is an akward teenager. I am certain Gene Simmons son was teased in school…because he is an artist and shy.

    so…I am certain that these videos come from the heart. and I am proud to be a fan!!

  3. The Ghost of Harry Hay says

    How many celebrities does it take to win equal rights? Or the better question: How many irrelevant photographs does it take to distract us from the work it takes to end discrimination?

    This is called “astroturf” activism. It’s fake grassroots activism.

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