1. Craig says

    Oh what Google can dig up! Just typed his name, got a website from 2008 breathlessly asking, “Is Johnny Weir gay?!”

    Now what I want to know is whether that Adam Lambert feller is gay or not. Some of the videos recently have me thinking, just maybe he’s not the hyper macho Republican cowboy I think he is …


  2. sparks says

    Nothing against Johnny, but I’m SOOOO tired of auto-tuned music. Would love to outlaw it entirely.

  3. Mimi says…it’s not bad. But it’s your typical-run of-da-mill gay dance song.

    He should do a duet with Colton Ford

  4. Paul R says

    This is a standard dance song, very 80s in style, but I was expecting so much worse. I have mixed feelings about Weir, but I’m tired of actors and other performers putting out music because it’s usually embarrassing. But this is just a heavily produced auto tune piece of dance candy.

  5. Bryan says

    Another “singer” with no voice, no musicality, and no message, selling pathetic hormonal clichĂ©s for fun (not) and profit (hope not). When did gay men become unable to distinguish between revolutionary sex radical and pathetic fashion victim?

    K$sha on ice.

  6. says

    I too am tired of autotune, but, this has a very Soft Cell/Pet Shop Boys early 80’s vibe and that’s way better than what I was expecting!

    Btw, J’adore Johnny Weir!

  7. says

    He MIGHT be a good singer. But AUTO-TUNING diminishes whatever talent he may have. There’s so much of it now that I’m glad I’m not part of the music industry as I originally hoped to be.

  8. Jimmy says

    I like Johnny, but this is crap. And from the image, crap is what is smeared all over him. Takes the notion of Dirty Love in the wrong direction. Maybe it’s craptastic.

  9. says

    wow. lame. and so completely derivative of PSB. but i’m sure it’ll be a club hit – the gays do love their tragic divas.

    ooh. wtf, just got to the point where he raps. bad. very very bad. (almost as bad as the fur pelt’s he’s wearing on the cover

  10. patinaglace says

    @Kyle Just FYI he’s not wearing animal pelt in this picture, it’s pieces of metal from a car. Btw love the song, been singing it all weekend :)

  11. Arrigato? No thanks. says

    It’s a good thing he can skate. Auto tune can only do so much.

    Maybe it’s just my lap top’s speakers and this sounds really good in some parallel universe.

  12. Pareidolius says

    Autotune ≠ “can sing”, but whatever. What has become apparent is that he really needs to fire Rachel Zoe if she let him be photographed like that.