Gay Brazilian Brothers Confess to Burying Their Father Alive

A gruesome confession in Brazil, as two brothers tell police that in late December they killed their father, burying him alive:

Brazil_brothers Antonio Valente Filho, chief of police of Timon, in Maranhao state, told Globo TV's G1 website that the brothers, ages 18 and 21, confessed this week to planning the murder. They told police their father was a violent man who drank too much and didn't accept their homosexuality, said Filho said.

A neighbor was also questioned about whether he helped the brothers dig the hole, Valente Filho told G1. Neither the suspects nor the victim were named.

The two men gave their father a stronger dose than usual of his sleeping pills and buried him while he was unconscious, G1 reported.

The police chief believes it was not just about abuse over their sexual orientation: "We believe they might have been fighting for control of the ceremonial grounds. We don't think this was just over their fights regarding the sons' sexual orientation."

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  1. ravewulf says

    “their father was a violent man who drank too much and didn’t accept their homosexuality”

    That’s not an excuse for burying someone alive. If someone is like this (regardless if it is a parent, partner, friend, etc) you GTFO and go somewhere safe where there is support for you. If you don’t know where there is support, you start by asking (there are many places to ask including the Trevor Project).

  2. gayermo says

    There seems to be lots of things we don’t know of about this story. But definitely agree that burying your homophobic dad alive is wrong. Because this took place in Brazil I’m wondering what kind of services are available to LGBT folk who find themselves in similar situations. I lived and worked in Sao Paulo for a summer a few years ago and I know that the south of Brazil is more tolerant towards the gays so it could be that since this took place in the north the twins didn’t know of any place they could go to for help. Not an excuse in any way but certainly should be a call for greater services to help the LGBT community that are in abusive relationships in more corners of the world.

  3. truthteller says

    This happened in Brazil, they don’t have the Trevor Project and their cultural values are completely different than ours.

    This is a very sad story and we should get all the facts before posting uninformed verdicts, either way.

  4. scrufff says

    I’m American born of Brazilian parents and i can tell you that there is very little if anything for Brazilian youth. There’s no support systems certainly – nothing close to The Trevor Project. Many gay kids end up in running away to the big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo and end up in the sex/drug trade. For all of Brazil’s supposed tolerance of gay rights, it is really really tough to be a gay kid outside of the big major cities. As someone who came out at the tender age of 14, thank goodness it was here in the good US of A!

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