Lawyer: Wikileaks Soldier Bradley Manning Seeks Release from Pretrial Confinement

Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning is seeking release from pretrial confinement.

According to a blog post from the offices of his Attorney David E. Coombs: Manning

The defense has raised its objection to the documented confinement conditions of PFC Bradley Manning on multiple occasions with the Quantico confinement facility and the Staff Judge Advocate’s (SJA) Office.  On 5 January 2011, the defense filed a formal complaint with the commander of the Quantico Brig.  On the same day, PFC Manning also filed a formal complaint through the confinement grievance process. Both complaints requested that the confinement facility remove PFC Manning from Prevention of Injury (POI) watch and that his classification level be reduced from "Maximum" to "Medium Detention In."  The confinement facility did not respond to either complaint.     

Due to the lack of response from the confinement facility, the defense, pursuant to the provisions of Rule for Courts-Martial (R.C.M.) 305(g), filed a request earlier today with the Garrison Commander to direct the release of PFC Bradley Manning from pretrial confinement.  This request is based upon the fact that the confinement conditions currently being endured by PFC Manning are more rigorous than necessary to guarantee his presence at trial, and that the concerns raised by the government at the time of pretrial confinement are no longer applicable.  Further steps to address PFC Manning's confinement conditions will be taken, if necessary.

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Also, Wired Threat Level reports:

WikiLeaks has finally made good on a months-old pledge to contribute financially to the defense of 23-year-old Bradley Manning, according to a group raising money for the imprisoned Army private suspected of providing WikiLeaks its most important U.S. releases.

But the sum, $15,100, is less than half the $50,000 WikiLeaks originally promised. It’s also less than the group pledged in December, when WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson said WikiLeaks would immediately transfer $20,000 to Manning’s defense fund.

The Bradley Manning Support Network, which expressed frustration last month that it had not received the promised pledge, praised WikiLeaks’ contribution Thursday. 

A good deal of attention has been given to the conditions of Private Manning, and much of it suggests that the conditions are an effort by the government to persuade Manning to name Wikileaks Julian Assange as a conspirator in order to nail him on espionage charges.


  1. Paul R says

    Wow, so WikiLeaks didn’t make good on its promise? What a shock. You’d think they’d at least do it to cover their asses (or at least Assange’s). Their claims of being broke are very hard to believe.

    Were I Manning, I would turn on them in a heartbeat. I’d also have requested removal from solitary confinement on day 1. He’s been in it almost 8 months; I cannot imagine. I wonder how many times he’s sung “Pokerface” to himself.

  2. LincolnLounger says

    Poor baby. He probably doesn’t have access to a phone so he could further brag about his crimes.

    The military is not the place for political activism. This man volunteered for duty and well knows the military justice system is much different than that of ordinary American citizens.

    The hottest ring in hell burns for Traitor Bradley Manning.

  3. Brent Z says

    Someone who gave away the secrets of his country used to be called a traitor, and the punishment (if convicted) was death. Does it matter how noble that person’s intentions may have been? Maybe, maybe not. Manning took a very serious oath, and deliberately violated it, endangering many people’s lives and the security of the country he pledged to protect. He’s not been convicted yet. If he is, he should be executed.

  4. BangBang LaDesh says

    You whiny sheep will be marching in his parade one day – when some shiny gay website tells you to. or when Gaga releases a tribute video. This knee-jerk fascism is the death to the true gay community. Sites like this remind me that today gays are only bound together by credit cards and circuit parties.

    R.I.P. – GAY POWER

  5. Derek Pearce says

    Right on BangBang. The rest of you and your lock ’em up paranoia are a shame. Hopefully someone sticks up for you if you’re judged guilty until proven innocent some day.

  6. Zlick says

    I think what many seem to be forgetting is that Manning is simply ACCUSED at this point. He is not a traitor until a court martial finds him to be one. Currently, he is an alleged traitor. And should not, if it is in fact the case, be subject to inhumane incarceration.

  7. LincolnLounger says

    “Inhumane”?! Give me a break. Three square meals a day, an hour out of his cell, free medical care, and he was not instantly put to death after bragging about his crimes. It’s not like somebody just made this stuff up.

    So, BangBang, the gay community is supposed to rally ’round Manning simply because he is gay? Sickening.

  8. Lonnie says

    Manning is braver than any of the gay soldiers who happily trot off to murder innocent brown-skinned people in foreign lands for their oil. His only crime is telling the truth.

    How do you get a population that overwhelming rejects wars and policies initiated by Republicans? Get a Democrat to sell them.

  9. says

    Wikileaks is having severe economic troubles right now because the government, in a fascist display, has colluded with businesses like PayPal, Visa and Mastercard to put Wikileaks out of business. It’s a credit they were able to give anything at all, but I’m glad they did.

    Manning should NOT be treated in the way he’s being treated. There is no reason on earth for him to be treated that way. No one’s breaking him out of Quantico, for heaven’s sake, whether he’s in maximum security or medium. His treatment is absurd and, I believe, criminal.

  10. Bill Perdue says

    PFC Bradley Manning is a hero.

    Bush, Clinton and Obama are traitors who waste the lives of tens of thousands of GIs and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of muslim civilians in wars for oil and resources (and nothing else).

    Give Manning the Medal of Honor and the Nobel Peace Prize and convene an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate the crimes of those who invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan, supported the zionist colony in Palestine, expanded the war to Pakistan and Yemen and who menaced the people of Iran with nukes.

    Supporters of the war or the persecution of Bradley are a rabble of chickenhawks like Cheney, Bush and Clinton, especially LincolnLounger, a bitter, hate filled rightwing Rush Limbaugh wannabe. His vitriolic rants are sickening.

  11. anon says

    Where the hell did these fascists come from? You’d think a bunch of “faggots” would be the very LAST ones to make such outrageous claims.

    You fuckers disgust me.

  12. Paul R says

    Wow, Anon, pretty impressive when you call people faggots and faggots but can’t even come up with a screen name.

    @Bill Purdue, when did we menace Iran with nukes? Are you actually defending a country that kills its own people for disputing a fraudulent election? Not to mention hangs teenagers based on rumors they might have had consensual gay sex? With a leader as crazy as Gadaffi, but far more powerful? Why don’t you just state your true feelings, and say “dirty Jews” instead of “Zionist”? (And, for the record, I do not support Israel’s treatment of the Palestine non-state.)