1. mld says

    surprise! she uses this as an opportunity to attack the left.

    dear sarah palin, you are a half term governor turned fox news pundit and reality tv star. in my eyes this qualifies you for gop nomination. please run for president so i can watch the slow motion train wreck of your candidacy. and please select michele bachmann for your vp, it would be a privilege and an honor to have my children, and children’s children watch your debate tapes for a good laugh.

    best regards,
    citizens who support the draft palin campaign

  2. Rad says

    Thank you, Andy, for giving her traction. She needs all the publicity she can get because a day without her in the news cycle is like a day without dog crap.

  3. anon says

    She’s completely tone deaf when it comes to her overall PR campaign. She simply always targets her key supporters: middle-aged, middle-class white males in non-urban areas. Otherwise, her negatives are through the roof. It makes most sense to think that she’s just in it for the money.

  4. Bart says

    She won’t run for the presidency (though I wish she would) because she’s now addicted to her own fame and money without real scrutiny. An interview with that feather-lite Hannity? Please, why bother. She didn’t say anything new (she said a lot of stuff that again wasn’t true, but no one watches Hannity — or Palin for that matter — that hasn’t already drank their kool-aide.) Palin is a FOX contributor, she might as well interviewed herself.

    But just for clarification, it is not true that any words you say can be misinterpreted or bent for some nefarious purpose and used against you. But when it happens over and over and over maybe the speaker (Palin) should take a look at what she is saying and how she is saying it.

    Run Sarah, like everyone else who is left or independant, we would love to see you get the nomination and bury the Republican party of hate under piles of idiocy while you self-implode. Deservedly so.

  5. EO says

    did anyone really expect her to take a step back, reflect and perhaps learn something from recent events and be inspired to make a more positive change in her rhetoric and behavior?

    nah, i didn’t either.

  6. Rob says

    Palin is the absolute PERFECT spokesperson for the Tea Baggist wing of the GOP. She’s always “right on target” with this group no matter what she says (while the majority of us simply shake our heads in total disbelief at her pronouncements).

    I don’t know what her eventual political intent is regarding the 2012 presidential election cycle (run, Sarah, run) but, no matter, she’ll continue to rake in the BIG BUCKS from her speaking engagements to like-minded groups who feed on her every word like manna from heaven.

    In the meantime, no matter how much he now tries to turn the other cheek by controlling his negative rhetoric (will it last?), I’ll never forget what McCain foisted on this nation by selecting Palin as his VP running mate and putting her in the 24/7 news cycle. (On the other hand, her candidacy MAY have helped him lose to Obama.)

  7. mld says

    @max, are you clueless to the difference between the behavior of citizens and elected politicians or public figures?

    actions from protesters are in no way comparable to the rhetoric of pundits.

  8. Matt26 says

    She just doesn’t stay away. Fox News keeps calling her governor, which she is not.
    I am not suprised at all she attacks left because of this. She lives on denial and keeps doing so.
    I just wonder why people think she is so important to US politics.

  9. justiceontherocks says

    The “mainstream” GOP, which is bad enough itself, is rushing to distance itself from the former governor. It will be fun to watch them try to do that without alienating her supporters.

  10. BC says

    There are several democratic campaigns that used targets. In this interview with Hannity, they both point out that a huge Democratic pundit, Bob Beckel said he “invented” the crosshairs to be used on political maps. Keith Olbermann called for Bush’s assassination several times. Obama said, “If they bring knives, we will bring guns.” This interview also showed Palin at a campaign rally IN TUSCON in March of 2010 explaining that she does not call for violence but calls for people to “rise up” by using their voice and their votes.

    @MLD – I am much more afraid of what citizens will do compared to what politicians will do. A citizen shot those people in Tuscon, not a politician.

    And, why, when people who knew this man come out and say that he didn’t pay attention to Palin or any mainstream media, why don’t you all listen? If anything, he was more leftist than anything!

  11. Joe says

    A day without Palin is a day without sunshine. She’s the finest political comedian of her generation. Let’s hope for more, more, more. And let’s all pray that God will tell her to run for the GOP nomination. She listens to him, you know?

  12. Max says

    MLD, the only difference is that when the left threatens to kill, it’s called “free speech.”

    I repeat: “Palin is 100% correct about the left’s double standards.”

    I can’t understand why you are all so undeniably obsessed with this woman. It’s very creepy.

  13. Jim says

    I could NEVER stand her politically… and although I enjoyed watching her to see what “train wreck” she was going to create… sort of a preview for what Tina Fey would brilliantly re-create on SNL that Saturday… I am officially OVER her! I can’t stand to see her face… period… whether ifs for a joke or not! Her hatred toward people has become UGLY!

  14. One of the CA 36,000 says

    God, look at the right-wing trolls jump out to defend Saint Sarah, the Idiot Queen of the Teabaggers!

    @Max: You are indeed completely deluded. Her hateful rhetoric is indeed VERY different from the words of an angry private citizen. This is a former elected official who has quit every job she’s ever had in pursuit of fortune and fame. She’s a narcissictic fame whore, pure and simple. But she IS a public official with a toxic agenda and a public bully pulpit provided by FOXNews, which has essentially tipped its hand and revealed itself to be the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. Fascism in action, kids. Palin’s every stream-of-mental-retardation utterance is dutifully broadcast by FOX, and every inbred knuckle-dragger who hates those damn n****rs and f****ts and b!tch women who won’t ignore their standards and f!ck him loves hearing her moronic dog-whistles.

    @bc: Just about everything you type is a lie F!cking right-wing trolls! Olbermann has NEVER called for ANYONE’S assassination. And another thing: It’s spelled TUCSON, you f!cking retard.

  15. KMC says

    You know what, no one blames Sarah Palin directly for the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, what we are saying is that the Republicans and Tea Party need to tone down their rethoric. That is what she is not getting. Obama said even the Democrats need to be civil as well.

    Gabby denounced the crosshairs last spring and at that point Sarah Palin should have had the decency to take it down. (oh hell, who am I kidding?! She (Palin) has no decency!)

    Here’s a chilling and prophetic link of Sarah and her language she used back in March of 2010

  16. BC says

    God forbid I mix up two letters. But then again, what would you expect from a right winger, right?

    I love how people on here name call and then in the same sentence call for civil and respectful dialogue.

    And Olbermann has called for the assassination of SEVERAL republicans. Google it. He also had several guests on his show that would say the same thing and he never once challenged them. See, I, unlike you, actually watch ENTIRE episodes and interviews as opposed to tiny snipets put together by bloggers and pseudo-journalists at MSNBC.

  17. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @bc: Again, everything you’re typing is a lie.

    I Googled. Not ONE reputable website with Keith Olbermann calling for anyone’s assassination. What I *did* find are a bunch of right-wing websites claiming that. And, as anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together knows, right-wingers lie. About everything. And when confronted with the truth, they start whining about “conspiracies from the Left, we’re put-upon and downtrodden!”.

    And I stand by my comment: Right-wingers are idiots, enraged that their sense of entitlement is illusory and that non-whites, LGBTQ folk and *gasp* women might attain more than they. Right-wingers are motivated by Fear of the Other, and some dim sense that what they *might* have– if they win the Mega-Millions Lotto– needs to be protected from n####rs, f####ts and those f!cking feminist-type womenfolk who won’t submit to their 2.5″ micropenis.

    Pathetic cowards.

  18. walter says

    you notice she won’t get near a real interviewer , just hannity. this man who completely agrees with palin and threw nothing
    harder than a marshmallow. the fucks news is just a group of self-serving wind bags, who continue to flame the flames to keep ratings and their rabid viewers.

  19. TANK says

    Okay, I know a bunch of you self-righteous and judgmental Republican-hating bitches are going to get on me for this, but I have to admit, that Sean Hannity is one sexy DILF! I don’t agree with all of the putrid political slime that he purveys, but damn, I’d hit that till the cows came home!

  20. TANK says

    Okay, if you’re going to post using my sn, at least have the decency to be marginally intelligent…and not the sub-literate genetic experiment gone horribly awry that you doubtless are. Years of inferior breeding and voila, garbage, garbage out.

    Hannity is about as attractive as a warm bucket of excrement. And no, unlike you, I’m not into that.

  21. BobN says

    ‘huge Democratic pundit, Bob Beckel said he “invented” the crosshairs to be used on political maps’

    Wow. You can’t even repeat a lie accurately.

  22. BC says

    I love how the gay community shuns its own. It’s so perfectly poetic. “You don’t agree with me so F*%& you!!” This is why we will always be the “victims” of society, because we play the victim and then scream when people step on us. Notice, I haven’t used one negative comment, I have not called anyone a name. But all of you seem to think that it is ok and acceptable to do that, while at the SAME TIME you are calling for Palin to apologize for her “hate.” This doesn’t make sense.

    Here’s the bottom line. We need conservatives to be on our side, whether you agree with their politics or not. Gay conservatives are going to be the ones to “win over” those conservatives who may not be big fans of ours. We are not going to have any fans by name calling and attacking our own. I guarantee, I have changed more peoples minds to the POSITIVE about gays than several of you have. I don’t go around screaming that I’m a victim of someone I don’t even know. I don’t attack you for your political view points. You want to know why we get treated like second class citizens – look at the comments some of you have made. Who would want to support us at all when you’re saying all of this. Ridiculous.

  23. Bryan says

    The fact that I despise Caribou Barbie doesn’t mean I shoot myself in the foot disagreeing when she announces the sky is blue.

    To reflexively attack someone’s every utterance is to be a mad dog, and mad dogs are very easy to manipulate. The more we automatically condemn every word that falls from her endlessly flapping lips the more we set ourselves up as fools.

    She’s right. Censorship is antithetical to core American values. She is free to photoshop bullet holes into the foreheads of her enemies, and we should stand back and let her do so. You can’t legislative taste (and she has none).

    Stop being sheep who predictably scurry at every dog bark and engage brain, people.

  24. mld says


    her polls have dropped since the shooting, and again after her lame video. sure the ‘left’ is attacking her, so is the right, so is the middle.

    the conservatives voters dont even like her. she is not representative of any political party. she does not have to be won over, i have no interest in her supporting or not supporting gay rights. you are spouting fox news talking points. gop candidates do not stand behind her, even newt gingrich called her out and asked her to tone down her rhetoric. your a troll, its obvious by your jumping onto this alaskan titanic while the general public, registered voters and her former gop cheerleaders all abandon ship.

  25. mld says

    towelroad has become completely overrun with trolls, starting with the midterm elections.

    @andy towle, you should switch to a commenting system that will allow for more accountability and user registration.

    towleroad is being carpeted wall to wall with astroturf.

  26. Drew says

    BC, he had also a lot of white supremacy leanings, how is that really left? & he was anti government. and that’s another thing, both sides are trying to put him on one side.

  27. Wilkby says

    The TwitterTwat will never admit to ever doing anything wrong. That’s the behavior of a sociopath, in my opinion. The more she talks, the creepier she gets.

  28. TANK says

    @MLO: Who are you calling a troll? Listen, girlfriend, take a long hard look in the mirror, and remember, today’s trolls could very well be tomorrows knights in shining armor (or damsels in a dress)!

  29. mld says


    its certainly being done. its an amazing new media strategy to plant ringers in forums. its very easy to mimic when everything is anonymous. i have friends in marketing who started using forum trolling almost a decade ago. repeat the lie enough and people start to doubt what they know. ever notice the personalities in the gay forums that dont seem to match with any imaginable real life counterpart?

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