Photos: Ricky Martin Gets Wet


Ricky Martin cleans up for an interview with Spain's daily newspaper El Pais.

El artista comenta todo eso con la cara recién lavada, el pelo mojado tras una sesión de fotos en el cuarto de baño, tomándose un cafecito y dispuesto a confesarse a fondo en un hotel de Madrid. Es el nuevo Ricky. Sin medias tintas. Transparente y feliz. Con su libro en la calle y nuevo disco. Mas: Música + Alma + Sexo, en el que cuenta sin ambages su liberación y su antiguo calvario. Un disco que le ha servido para decir hasta aquí en canciones como Basta ya, en el que restan esencias del Ricky eterno, dirigido a los de siempre y a la vez a un nuevo público, el firmamento gay universal.

Las confesiones son directas y muy sinceras, se siente liberado y cómodo al hablar de su presente, de su pasado y de lo que tenga que venir. Ya está harto de esconderse. "Cuando acepto todo, me miro fijamente al espejo y me digo: esta es tu naturaleza, deja ya de pelear, de batallar. Quiérete, ámate… Coño, si yo hubiera gastado las mismas energías en un gimnasio para tratar de dominar una manera de ser, tendría los abdominales más envidiables del mundo".

"Yo sé lo que soy, y soy un hombre gay".

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  1. kdau says

    A human translation of the part you quoted:

    The artist commented on all of that in a Madrid hotel, his face recently washed, his hair wet after a photo shoot in the bathroom, drinking a bit of coffee and ready to confess deeply. This is the new Ricky: no half measures, open and happy. With his book on the streets, and his new album Music + Soul + Sex, in which he tells of his liberation and his former torture without beating around the bush. An album through which he has until now spoken in songs like “That’s Enough”, in which remains the essence of the eternal Ricky, targeted to the same audience as always and, at the same time, to a new one, the global gay culture.

    The confessions are direct and very sincere; he feels liberated and comfortable with talking about his present, his past, and what needs to happen. He is entirely fed up with hiding himself. “When I accept everything, I look at myself attentively in the mirror and I tell myself: this is your nature, stop fighting, stop battling with it. Like yourself, love yourself … damn, if I had spent the same energy at the gym as I spent trying to overcome my own nature, I would have the most enviable abs in the world.”

    “I know what I am, I am a gay man.”

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    Some of Mr. Martin’s comment seem, to me, like the regular self-confirmations I, myself, make. While they may sound a bit like self-reassurance (and they are, in part), they are necessary in a predominantly heterosexual world where demands for conformity to traditionally defined “normal” operate continuously to erode any sense of personal identity and liberty.

  3. FunMe says

    I’ve always know he was gay, from his time living in LA.

    But I also have known that he has been a good human being, caring for others … especially the children of the world.

    Glad to see Ricky finding peace with himself.

  4. Corvidae says

    Is anyone else bored yet? Yes, we get it you’re a gay man this, you’re gay man that.
    It would be better if he stopped using the same phrases.
    In any language.

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