1. Joanie says

    Surprise, surprise.
    Some Catholic priest spouts at the mouth over teh gay instead of actually helping less fortunate people.

    Like some random guy named Jesus told them to.

  2. Wavin' Dave says

    Watch how quickly the speech-making becomes DVD distributing, news editorializing, special collections at Sunday Mass, etc.
    When a church enters the body politic, they should lose their non-profit status.
    IRS, are you listening?

  3. Gus says

    Once again, a priest is inflaming passions on both sides by not minding his own business. Nothing in the law will say anything about the sacrament he performs. This is a state matter regarding CIVIL marriage and has nothing to do with his church.

  4. Craig says

    Great to be lectured by a church that condones child molestation. That damage lasts decades, Bishop, I know from personal experience.

    You really ought to deal with that first before you tell decent people how to live.

    By the way, the Bishop might also get it in his mind that only a tiny portion of the NH public even belongs to his church. He really is no different than any other nut or bigot screaming at lamp posts in the middle of the night.

  5. Gary says

    In this time of struggle it would be great if the Catholic church could focus on feeding the hungry and helping the poor instead of wasting their time on divisiveness.

  6. justiceontherocks says

    A corrupt institution on its last legs trying unsuccessfully to be relevant.

    In the case of the roman church, they should not only be taxed, their property should be seized, sold and the proceeds distributed to the victims of pedophilia.

  7. reggie says

    It always amazes me that men who have “given up” the married life feel they have a perfect understanding of marriage, and who should get married. It also floors me that given the heinous nature of child abuse that was/is rampant in their own ranks, they can purport to know what is best for families. And they see no “irony” in their condemnation of equal rights for all. THIS is why the Catholic Church is dying out.

  8. mad1026 says

    Catholic priests seem to be taking their cues from Bill Donohue and his imaginary “Catholic League”. Donohue rants and raves about anything he disapproves of, like the NPG exhibit, and the priests follow along like little lambs.

  9. John Patrick says

    It baffles and puzzles me why this bishop would so aggressively speak out on this issue that inflames so many passions. Of course I think that is what he wants to do. He and the other RC bishops in this country just cannot keep their hands and their minds and monies out of the civil institution of marriage. And so many of them are closet cases. Maybe that is one reason why. So he opposes same sex marriage and thinks it is immoral. No one is making him perform the ceremonies for same sex couples or atheists or protestants or couples he deems to be too immature for that matter. He and all the other bishops should focus on the needs of people for food and shelter, jobs and housing and health care, and get their noses out of other peoples’ bedrooms.

  10. Mark says

    The minute any church or religion starts meddling in politics, they should lose their tax-exempt status. I always thought that “freedom of religion” meant the freedom to believe as you wish not the freedom to try to force others to believe as you wish or to behave as you wish. How did they get so much freedom?

  11. Scotty says

    Thanks for the political agitation, oh ye defender and employer of pedophiles. As the church gets all hot and bothered about same-sex marriage, Catholic dioceses around the country are filing for bankruptcy because of the massive drain from paying out claims due to the child molesters they employed and shielded for so long, the latest being the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

    Gee, maybe it’s time for a little something like this:

    I’m just sayin’…

  12. says

    “…The governor decided to forgo a traditional public prayer service…”

    EXCELLENT! I wish more politicans would forgo the public bells and whistles of religion

  13. alexInBoston says

    The divisive issue is what the Bishop makes of it, the general public, both catholic and non catholic, could give a crap. When Marriage Equality comes to R.I. there are already several “Old Catholic” Parishes established in the Providence area which will perform any Marriage according to the “Roman Rite”, a fully sacramental Mass and Marriage Ceremony with both state and Church recognition.. Remember Not every Catholic Church is Roman just as every orthodox church is Greek…..

  14. Jerry says

    @alexinboston: Yes, and given the “forgotten” history of both the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, where same-sex unions were once routinely blessed by the church (see Same-Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe, John Boswell) for hundreds of years, it’s only a matter of time until this will once agains be the case.

  15. walter says

    why doesn’t the church go back to what it does best abuse young boys? what people do is none their business. if they want to keep launching these attacks they are a political institution and should be treated as such. these men in dresses spend a lot of time defending something they don’t about love and compassion. god must really be proud of them.

  16. jamal49 says

    Correction, Bishop Tobin: the only side with “inflamed passions” is your side. The rest of us are fine with same-sex couples getting married. Here’s a suggestion: sit down and shut up before someone MAKES you sit down and shut up.

  17. Danny says

    Sit on the sidelines and say nothing, guys, as the Roman bishops continue in their quest to make themselves utterly irrelevant. It’s working better all the time.

    What I don’t understand is–how is it that they haven’t figured out that Roman catholic families love their gay members just like anyone else and at least sit on their hands? How can they NOT understand this?

    BTW–looking at Tobin’s pic set off my gaydar…anyone else?

  18. pete N sfo says

    So the bigoted priest skipped his chance to offer a prayer… sounds like he did everyone a favor.

    The Guv should see an opportunity and only offer the privilege of a prayer offering to ANYONE else but the Katholic Khurch in the future.

    Adios, boys.

  19. Bobbo says

    Why Oh Why does my church waste its time on marriage equality. WOULDN’T YOU THINK IT WOULD KEEP BUSY DEFENDING ITSELF AGAINST LAWSUITS IN IRELAND, EUROPE AND HERE IN USA ABOUT abusing children. NO EQUITY FOR GAY MARRIAGE, pardon me while I support marriage equity yo DAMN PEDOPHILES. Sadly my church has missed the boat, not playing with a full deck and is generally a group of repressed pedophiles. Whikch as all intelligent people know, has nothing to do with being gay. SICK bastards ruinb my church and attack me, well get out damn you leave my church you are pedophiles.

  20. wimsy says

    The bishop is in a dwindling minority of old-style bigots who want to bring back 1955. His effrontery in offering advice to the governor is hilarious.

  21. Christopher Lines says

    Maybe the budget crisis could be solved If every church that involves itself in politics loses its tax exempt status, this is especially true of the Catholic church and the HUGE mega independent churches.

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