Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #811

BLACK SWAN: Make-up tutorial.

JULIAN ASSANGE: "States have national security concerns, we do not. We have concern for human beings." FORA TV.

CENK UYGUR: Ann Coulter called me "retarded" for attacking GOProud's Christopher Barron.

STEPHANIE ABRAMS: Dirty weather report.

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  1. RB says

    JULIAN ASSANGE: “States have national security concerns, we do not. We have concern for human beings.”

    Totally twisted! “national security” provides human safety.

  2. Eric26 says

    Julian Assange has signed death warrants by leaking documents that reveal the identities of certain Canadian soldiers and Afghani people sympathetic to our cause in Afghanistan. I’m not an emotional person, but I wept when I realised that this man has put my countrymen in grave danger, and he doesn’t even care.

  3. Iko says

    @Eric26: Oh, really? Prove it. The Pentagon can’t find any evidence of that happening, so what inside source do you have that the US government isn’t able to find and take advantage of to further smear Assange?

  4. RB says

    @IKO, Can you prove that Assange hasn’t caused harm? Can you? Providing classified information such as this has blown covers, removed protection and closed open doors of informants that may not be re-opened. Did this information cause death immediately, probably not. However removing cover CAN cause death and it CAN stop the flow of valuable information that saves lives. Again, can you prove Assange innocent of the wrong doing with the same level of proof you are requesting from Eric26? I think not. If you cannot provide the same level of proof I would think twice before voicing such a short sighted opinion.

    Eric26, I feel the same way! Assange and the covers that he has blown makes me sick! Unfortunately American laws allow Assange more “cover” than he allows our soldiers and informants. Disgusting! All the best.

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