Wyoming House Passes Ban on Recognition of Same-Sex Unions

Wyoming's HB 74 passed the House on its third reading Monday. The bill bans recognition of same-sex marriages and civil unions from outside the state:

Wyoming House Bill 74 now heads to the Senate, where its chances for passage appear good.

State Rep. Owen Petersen, R-Mountain View, the bill's sponsor, said the legislation is needed to resolve a conflict in Wyoming law, which defines marriage as a contract "between a male and a female person" but also recognizes any valid marriage performed outside the state. Other supporters have said the bill will help to hold back government intrusion into Wyoming traditions and culture.

Opponents said the bill is unnecessary, violates the rights of gays and lesbians to marry, and would create havoc for legally married out-of-state gay couples traveling in Wyoming.


  1. Fred says

    I guess the jokes on us – In two weeks a gay ski group plans to hit the slopes at Jackson Hole Ski Area, Jackson, WY. I have plans to ski there in 4 weeks.

    I plan to talk to ski area management to be sure they are aware of this – and that their ski area is a destination for gay skiers…

  2. says

    I wonder what this moron would say if you asked him, “Dude, ever hear of Matthew Shepard?” Or, “Do you remember the Laramie project?”

    Oh yeah! “Wyoming traditions and culture,” hate’m n hang’m.

    Canceled my trip trip to Yellowstone and Tetons. Jackson Hole is nothing but a Red-Neck hole with rich republicans and tea-baggers.

  3. Skooter McGoo says

    I guess there will not be a reason for me to ever travel to the state. Gays not welcome but they will recognize cousins being married. Sounds like they don’t have the courage to move into this century.

  4. Paul R says

    Mentioning “Wyoming” and “culture” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. My solidly (but not obnoxiously) Republican parents moved away from there as soon as they could, but three of my brothers were born there and I’ve visited several times. Gorgeous state, ugly people (inside and out).

    This bill is an absurdity to the “Equality State.” You want to ski, go to the Northeast, the West coast, or Canada. Non-coastal Western states have crappy gay rights, and Wyoming ranked damn low even before this bill.

    @Skooter: Wyoming doesn’t allow first cousins to marry, though you’re right that they’ll recognize such marriages. But then, marriage between first cousins is allowed in 20 states (and, under certain circumstances, in 6 others) as well as Canada, Mexico, and myriad other countries. I think efforts should be made to promote that, because I think most people would be more squeamish about first cousins marrying than they would about gays and lesbians.

  5. darkmoonman says

    Folks, this is the same state that when it’s first citizen was diagnosed with AIDS in the 80’s, they shipping him out of state, claiming that “there can’t be more than 1 or 2 of THOSE people here.”

    At least we’re in good company – they refused to recognize interracial marriages until the 70’s.

  6. Rowan says

    Where are all those gay republicans who post on Towleroad he were frogging at the mouth when you said that republicans were anti-gay?? I may be in correct but New York was the only state were a large number of Democrats voted anti-marriage and that was because they are really social conservatives but because they are ethnic minorities, they go blue because they know which side their bread is buttered, in particular when it comes to social services to their groups which they care about and the GOP would NEVER consider it.

  7. Disgusted American says

    well ANOTHER state to Avoid in america…..america shrinks for LGBT americans on a daily basis. …you know, us LGBT people should spell america with a SMALL (a) …until we have FULL Equality….this nation doesn’t deserve the Capital a.

  8. Bill B says

    Gay people are such cowards they can’t even acknowledge heterosexuals are behind this on a anonymous internet comment section. Help us all! Heterosexuals are using their numbers advantage against us to outcast gay people from the legal system and disenfranchise us.

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