1. TANK says

    “homosexual genital relations” Interesting choice of words from an organization that actively promotes and rewards acts of child rape.

  2. DAlex says

    Can’t disagree with Tank here. Raping a child is okay in the Catholic Church, but allowing consensual love between two adults? That must be destroyed! But you’re a bigot if you disagree.

  3. says

    He doesn’t want open displays of prejudice against Catholics, but he’s perfectly okay with open displays of prejudice against gays.

    And he’s a member of Child Rape Inc. His attempt at the Moral High Road cannot be taken seriously.

  4. Disgusted American says

    He doesn’t want open displays of prejudice against Catholics, but he’s perfectly okay with open displays of prejudice against gays.

    You hit that nail right on the head! ….here in Phila there’s NEW Allegations of Priest mollestation charges ….

  5. Tim says

    I’m always a bit surprised to see people trying to change a church’s mind. It’s in their very threads to oppose and exile. Instead of trying to make a religion into something they want it to be, try creating a new faith or realizing that’s it’s just fantasy anyway and move on. Fairy tales are for kids. If these organisations go away altogether, we’ll be in a MUCH better place. (not to say you can’t have faith or believe in God, but why do you need to have a group tell you how to do it?)

  6. says

    Ok that really is a weird one, after lately the credibility of the church had dramaticly declined and i’m not a really religious person.I sustain the liberty of free will…

  7. Terry says

    As a gay man who was raised catholic, I am ashamed of my past participation in the catholic church. If there was any way I could “unbaptize” myself or return the sacraments of the church I was given, I would gladly do so and rid myself of the vestiges of a church that preaches hate and bigotry towards people like me.

  8. Rob says

    “No matter the issue, Catholics should be able to worship in peace, without fear of harassment. An open display of prejudice against the Catholic Church because of resentment of Church teachings prejudices civil discourse in our society.”

    “Well”, as the Church Lady might say, “isn’t that special?”

    Since it’s nigh on impossible to change the teachings of a bigoted religion like Catholicism, I don’t understand why Catholics who find fault with their church don’t leave it for another more open, more tolerant one – if that’s possible. Otherwise, you don’t have to go to church, IMHO, to be a good person (or even a good Christian). Observe the Golden Rule and be kind to one another. You’ll then see how amazing and satisfyingly wonderful life can be.

  9. James says

    This episode also highlights what I would describe as a dangerous debasement of the terms of discourse.
    As a society we are increasingly overdue for a clarification of some of the terms hitherto employed in rational discussion of civil rights and which the right wing has been distorting of late, such as HATE and PREJUDICE. These words have meanings and they entered our language and became used in discussions of civil rights for good reasons. We need to rediscover and clarify what those reasons were (are).

  10. nick says

    The Catholic Church is bankrupt in discussing any morality issues period.
    They have not one shred of believability and credence left in their bag of make believe tricks.

  11. Francis says

    I would love to see an open and public debate challenging the Church’s so called morality and the Church’s insistence that the relationships of GLBT people are immoral. The Church continues to raise the immorality claim which goes unchallenged and because they raise it in the public sphere it is legitimately up for discussion and debate. I agree with the posters that say you can not change the Church and our focus would be more effective if we focused on changing the hearts and minds of those folks whose minds are open, even if open a little. A public debate between a Church spokesperson and a GLBT spokesperson like a Dan Savage would be effective. Really, how moral is it to denigrate and judge the families and relationships of GLBT people as not worthy of legal equality? And just how is my marriage to my husband of 10 years immoral? Even to suggest such a thing is rude, but then to wage a campaign that seeks to continue discrimination and inequality raises it to a political attack.

  12. r says

    could you imagine how many children could be protected, and how much justice served, if the bishops showed equal investment to that directed toward discriminating against non-pedophiles?

  13. bobbyjoe says

    Dude with the sign in the photo has it exactly right: “Not One Nickel.”

    If others started to make this a campaign about not giving a single dollar or cent until the clergy cleaned up their bigoted, child-molesting ways, who wants to bet these greedy bastards would ultimately start backing down? Same goes for the Mormons, who, let’s remember, suddenly had a “divine revelation” against some of that church’s racist behavior in the 1970s, once it started threatening the cash flow.

  14. says

    So Catholics should be able to “worship in peace” (who cares about protesters’ free speech rights–such rights only apply to Catholics, apparently), without any meddling whatsoever, while they should be free to meddle in our civil rights, including the right to have our unions (which have zero to do with the Catholic church) legally recognized by the secular state.

    With this sort of logic, it’s no wonder they’re so messed up. Well, that, and putting sexually dysfunctional men in close proximity to young people . . .

  15. Q says

    When the church exercises its right to free speech by opposing civil unions it’s just “stating church doctrine.” When protesters exercise their right to free speech by criticizing the church’s position, it’s “prejudice.” Love it. Apparently they don’t teach the meaning of the word “irony” in seminary.

  16. Daniel says

    Respectfully to our brothers and sisters struggling with homosexuality, homosexuality is defined by sexual intercourse, period. It is defined by nothing else. It cannot be defined by children. It cannot defined by true love. True love is defined by God and God defines heterosexuality. And too, homosexuality cannot be defined by marriage. God defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Homosexuality is defined BY sexual intercourse, an act. May the love and mercy of God shine like a rainbow on those struggling with sexual perversion (i.e., addiction, etc.).

  17. Chitown Kev says


    That’s nice, now you can continue your rest room toe tapping and DEFILING children.

    Bigoted asshat.

  18. mcNnyc says

    Why is this Cardinal Advocating for “Special Rights”?
    I do not want my tax dollars going to this organization that employs and shields child molesters and sex offenders.

  19. BartB says

    Uh Daniel…nope brother you got it wrong. We’re not struggling with homosexuality. We are homosexual, no struggle, no difficulty, we are. And it’s not defined by a sexual intercourse anymore than heterosexuality is. I have two children with my partner. So you’re wrong there too. And I love my partner, so again, (can you hear the buzzer, Daniel) you’re wrong yet again. Heterosexuality is not defined by marriage, otherwise by your pretzle logic, Daniel, a man and a woman living together aren’t heterosexual. Let me slow things down for you, Daniel, since you seem rather remedial…heterosexuality is the attraction for the opposite sex, homosexuality is an attraction to the same sex. Marriage is not involved in sexuality, Daniel. Try and remember that so you don’t seem so ill-informed and stupid at the next NOM rally. Marriage is a legal contract, it has nothing to do with sexuality.

    Daniel, if you’re going to make an argument, try to make it intelligently, with validity and reality to those here on Earth. Yours is nonsense and comes from ignorance and a perversion of truth.

    I hope God shines like a rainbow on all people of ignorance and hatred that their hearts and they can one day have clarity in their lives, love in their hearts, and reality in their heads.

  20. Rob says

    Interesting, Daniel really entered the lions’ den with that posting crapola about the definition of homosexuality. YAWN!!!!

  21. terryp says

    Right on Terry: “unbaptize” I’m in the same boat as yourself. I’ve often felt that way about that church, and that church in Chicago, I remember it well, like 50 some
    years ago.

  22. ReginaG says

    Terry and TerryP, who want to leave the church: There used to be a “How-To” at but apparently the Catholic Church recently changed its rules (too many people opting out?) and it’s not clear how to do it now. At the very least, a letter declaring that you formally defect from the Church to the diocese where you were baptised can’t hurt.

  23. Bud Burgoon-Clark says

    @Daniel: I stopped “struggling” the first time my partner got the head in (chuckle), and never looked back, except to check the size occasionally (I DO love a challenge, but there are some cocks out there that are downright SCARY!).

    Um … ahem … back to the subject at hand: pink watered silk dress? CHECK. fetching pink skull-cap? CHECK. fetching pink slippers? CHECK.

    The ONLY time I’D be caught dead in THAT outfit would be Halloween, after I’d had a couple of STIFF ones (take that however you like).

    The Roman Catholik “church” is morally bankrupt.


  24. says

    Daniel, you may be “struggling with homosexuality,” but the rest of us on Towleroad are not. Homosexuality is defined by intercourse no more or less than heterosexuality is. How you believe God defines marriage–or anything else–is your own personal business and has nothing to do with the millions of gay couples in love, some of whom are legally married, whether you approve or not.

    People who think they can define true love for others are likely suffering from extreme narcissism and a lack of love in their own lives. What a sad way to spend your Valentine’s Day, brother.

  25. Danny says

    His concern for the rights of parishioners is touching. I wonder if he’s ever had a word to say about gay people getting beaten up for being gay.

  26. wimsy says

    The colossal arrogance and presumption of the Catholic hierarchy never fails to amuse.