Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie to Sign Civil Union Bill Wednesday

Hawaii's civil union bill will be signed into law this week, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports:

Abercrombie Gov. Neil Abercrombie announced today that he will sign the civil unions bill Wednesday at Washington Place, a day earlier than originally scheduled.

The ceremony will take place at 2 p.m. Video will be streamed live at the governor’s website at http://hawaii.gov/gov.


Hawaii would become the seventh state to grant civil unions to same-sex couples without authorizing marriage itself. Five states and Washington, D.C., permit same-sex marriage.


  1. says

    Civil unions eh ? ehhhh. it’s a wee step in ther right direction but really just means that the for gays only drinking fountain is now in the same hall way as the Heterosexual only drinking fountain … it just creates the two class system all over again ..

  2. reality 101 says

    Congratulations HAWAII !!!
    Your state recongized nuptuals are every bit as important and historic as any other state recognized same sex unions – labels be damned! Enjoy and celebrate the moment!!

  3. TruthSeeker_Too says

    For all you snarky trolls…time to get off your butts and gear up for the ballot initiative on gay marriage that will take place in Maryland once the bill passes the legislature and is signed into law.

    Better yet, let us know what relationship recognition you’ve accomplished in your state. Civil unions are the gateway to gay marriage. Even Haggie and Brownshirt have figured that out.

    Congratulations Hawaii. Go Maryland and Rhode Island!!!

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