1. Bob says

    The last time an Arkansas governor used the line that the “will of the people” trumps the constitutionality of a law, it was Orval Faubus, who refused to integrate Arkansas schools, forced Eisenhower to send in the National Guard and created the images of African American students being screamed at by whites. Does Huckabee really not see that he’s simply history repeating itself? Beyond belief.

  2. arch says

    Why do I get the sense that people like him just enjoy telling others what they can and cannot do in their lives.

    I thought America was founded on the exact opposite principles, silly me.

  3. Disgusted American says

    “…and I Hate Backwards Obese Hayseeds who think thier Mythical BS Buy-Bull is the be all and end-all. ..U ever notice NO (cough,cough) reporter….ever says, “You know other groups Rights have EVER been voted on by the PUBLIC, No Ones!” …and on a side note..I cant stand John King or David Gregory

  4. TANK says

    What would you expect from the same monsterous freak that wants to quarantine people living with HIV? Unfortunately Huckabee polls well as the most likeable Republican. His aww shucks, banjo-pickin’ demeanor has fooled many. Beware, this man is pure evil.

  5. ichabod says

    K IN VA is right. Our little pastor piggy is gearing up to run for president. Just wait until the Rethug debates where they all try to out-hate one another…

  6. james Brown says

    Dinosaur. How many people didn’t want blacks to even be PEOPLE? How many didn’t want women to vote, work, own property, own their bodies, or own even their NAME? How many… on and on and on! Political games. It will take time, but his too shall pass. I LOVE President Obama for doing this. It took real BALLS!

  7. Larry says

    Why is it that these individuals get carte blanche to spout their hate-filled views with no rebuttal, but whenever there’s coverage of a gay-positive issue, like repeal of DADT, DOMA, etc., there has to be a counterpoint from NOM or Tony Perkins?

  8. christopher says

    John King is worse than useless. He and his producers probably think they are being progressive just by raising the issue, but they aren’t. They’re just trolling for ratings and giving Hickabee the platform he needs to sell his hate—especially because King refuses to ask any hardhittinf follow up questions.

    I hate his pretty face.

  9. Meijay says

    Wasn’t it Huckabee’s son who was arrested for killing small animals? Maybe he should clean up his own parenting skills before calling those of gay parents into question.

  10. johnny says

    He’s twice proven that he can’t win a presidential race. I can’t figure out why he hasn’t learned that lesson already. He’s just as stupid as he looks.

  11. Rob says

    OMG, “our little guinea pigs”? That’s what you think of children in gay households? Why not since you think so highly of the child’s gay parents. Well, Rev. Hustlebuck, it appears your Chisto-fascist preaching is as full of BS as you are! You’d make one hell of a terrific GOPer presidential candidate. It’d be fun to see the Obama campaign up against your campaign. Let the funtimes begin!

  12. billy says

    goddammit. why can’t CNN say this isn’t some frcking experiment? it has been tried; it has succeeded. kids raised by gay couples have been shown and proven to be just as well adjusted, just as productive in society, just as great as kids from straight couples. studies have been done. results are already in.

    but huck is a useful idiot though. romney is the odds on favorite to win the republican ticket. economics will more than likely be the top issue and romney is the best alternative the republicans can put up on that. and huck absolutely hates romney and some have suggested that huck’s only running to make sure that romney doesn’t win. if huck can spoil romney’s chances, President Obama can probably skip the whole campaign.

  13. BartB says

    I will drop Mike a note today telling him my partner and our two children are doing fine. And that I would put my parenting skills up against his. I would put my faith up against his. And since we’re about the same age, give or take, I would put my combat skills up against his and take his sorry self down.

    We all know how well “traditional” marriage has faired in this country. And how great 50% of straight parents are in this country. Nice work, Mike. If I were a kid I’d be BEGGING for a gay parent who loved me, provided for me, and instilled in me some values other than self-involved hatred.

    The Republican party pretends they want smaller government but they want to LEGISLATE life and love in this country. To the Republican party — when we crush you, I will wipe you off the bottom of my shoe. Worry about your own horrible, hate-filled, hypocritical lives. I’ll worry about my life and my family. Thanks, considering who you people are — if Mike Huckabee is any example — I don’t want you people near my kids.

    And Mike, since I believe in a God, I’d like to tell you as far as what I’ve read about Jesus Christ, and I’ve read and studied a lot, you are NOTHING like him, stand for NOTHING he stood for, and there is a special place in hell for a man as sick and hypocritically smug as you. Enjoy it.

  14. reality 101 says

    The country had degraded amazingly — no active Minister or Priest should be considered to lead this country – esp when he is saying he wants to ENFORCE his personal religious beliefs.

  15. brian says

    It would have been nice if the reporter had followed up on one of his questions instead of just throwing it out there and letting this guy run with it. How about these questions: “What sort of complication? Will they be mass murderers?” “You say you will defer to the military on gays, but won’t you be the Commander in Chief?” etc… It’s not that hard, and I just took one journalism course in school.

  16. says

    I saw him on The Colbert Report last night. I hate how he is continuously invited onto these shows and is not drilled on his remarks. He should not be given a platform, especially on a show which is supposed to be satirical in nature. The general public does not understand the satire and probably regard him as cool since he’s so willing to be on the late night shows.

  17. mike/ says

    the only way this person will change his mind on many issues is if one of his morbidly obese children were to come out gay! ‘bringing it home’ make a very big difference – as we all know…

  18. Bryan says

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s unethical to experiment on helpless children.

    LGBTQ people who wish to rear a child should be subjected to the same rigorous standards, testing, and legislative controls that heterosexuals are.

  19. M says

    They’ve actually done studies following children raised by gays for decades, the results of the experiment are in, it’s been scientifically proven that they turn out every bit as well adjusted (and also just as predominantly heterosexual, if that concerns you) as anybody else’s kids. This despite the ‘pro-family’ crowd’s work denying gay parents the same legal and economic tools and support as parents and families that their peers are given and the ‘think of the children’ fascists eagerness to attack gays by harassing their children.

    Huckabee’s a whore, pandering to the worst nature of his base for personal gain no matter what harm it does to his fellow citizens and the country.

  20. john leddy says

    i am a gay man who joined the navy when i was 17 and was honorably discharged after completing my tour of duty. it really ticks me off to hear a straight man like huckabee,who chose not to serve in the military, say i should not have had that right and privilege!!!

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