Indiana House Panel Advances Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

Indiana This morning I noted that a hearing was scheduled for today in the Indiana House on a measure that would put a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage before voters.

The bill has advanced, the Indy Star reports:

"The Republican-controlled committee approved the bill 8-4, sending it to the House floor for amendments and consideration. Several previous efforts to add a ban on gay marriage to the constitution have failed, but this year could be different since Republicans now have a majority in both houses. Even if the measure passes this year, however, it would still have to be approved by another, separately elected legislature and then in a referendum by voters, before being placed into the state’s founding document."


  1. MadM@ says

    This has been going on since at least the mid 2000’s, and at this point I honestly think it’s just a show for republican voters. Because of the way the amendment has to be implemented it’s usually killed by making edits to it at the end of a legislative session which kicks it back to committee. Seeing as how 75% of the Indiana legislature is incompetent, there are usually legit changes that need to be made.

  2. says

    “The proposed North Carolina anti-gay marriage amendment has been fast-tracked in the state House. A committee has advanced the voter referendum and refused to allow any public comment, reports the AP.

    The House Rules Committee approved Monday the question after about a half-hour of debate. The full House was expected to take up the matter later in the day. Three-fifths of the House members must vote yes twice on the measure before it can move on to the Senate.

    The Republican chairman of the committee didn’t allow any public comment from the audience about the bill. House Democratic leader Joe Hackney said the question was being rushed through and its contents could have long-term unintended consequences.

    More on the Soviet-style approval process on display today in Raleigh. The measure “”changed chambers, committees, bill numbers, content, and ballot date all in the period of about 75 minutes””, report Think Progress and WRAL.”

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