1. gayermo says

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date on the struggles that LGBT folks face around the world. Throughout Latin America society has been shifting to be more open and tolerant of the LGBT community. Hopefully Peru will move towards providing greater protections of LGBT individuals and recognize their relationships.

  2. Lexxvs says

    Sadly, as in most of the third world countries, the police is the one that impose their one rules and people must abide and not the other way around. Laws –is in fact they are in place- are just for formal occasions. It’s very unusual for a policeman to get accountable for his wrongdoings.
    Also, as in most of the third world countries, economic problems –mother of many other tribulations, make the human rights of the minorities a lesser need if at all.
    Gays are taken into public consideration when they need a scapegoat or as a token of –false- moral decadence, very convenient to cover the real ones.