1. possiblyasimpleton says

    Just wonderful, Governor Abercrombie, I truly felt the Aloha spirit with this signing and your wonderful speech. CONGRATS HAWAII!!!

  2. BABH says

    The least Hawaii could do, after giving us DOMA.
    Here’s to full Hawaiian marriage equality soon (and repeal of DOMA, to boot).

  3. Traveler J says

    No Governor, not yet equal. And I will still prefer to spend my tourist dollar on jurisdictions with better records on equality.

  4. Alfonso Matias Jr says

    This is wonderful news! Good on HI. I remember writing to the previous govenor, pleading with her to sign the exact same bill last year. She didn’t. Glad to see we are moving forward. So much good news today.

  5. Randy says

    “… civil unions in Hawaii represents in my mind equal rights … ”

    Well, your mind must be a bizarre place. Second class is second class. It’s better than third class, but it’s not equal, and stop patting yourself on the back as if it is.

  6. TruthSeeker_Too says

    @ Traveler:
    Good luck spending those tourist dollars in the U.S. There are exactly 5 states that offer marriage equality. I hope you live in Iowa so that you can spend your money visiting Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire (assuming the Republicans don’t repeal the law) or Vermont. You can also see the sights in Washington, D.C. or visit the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon.

    Meanwhile, in 29 states (30 if you count California)gay marriage is prohibited by that state’s constitution and in 13 more states it is prohibited by statute.

    Maryland is moving towards marriage recognition as early as next month. New York and Rhode Island are also potentials for marriage equality in 2011.

    So, heartfelt congratulations to Hawaii for making progress and joining New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and California in recognizing gay couples.

    Yes, it is not full equality. But better to be at least ON the bus, instead of getting thrown under it.

    Good luck Maryland!

  7. Traveler J says

    To Truthseeker: I didn’t say I wouldn’t visit Hawaii at all, just that I would be less likely than if it had full marriage equality. Same with California and Washington.

    And yes, I do like visiting DC, Boston, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. I also like visiting Spain and the Netherlands, and am looking forward to visiting Portugal, (parts of) Scandinavia, Iceland, and South Africa, all of which have marriage equality.