As Trump Resists Equality, Gay Activist Calls For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Boycott

DonaldPointing Gay rights groups and activists are rightfully upset with potential presidential candidate Donald Trump after he said he's not only against marriage equality, but also opposes any extension civil benefits.

Now New York-based rabble-rouser Allen Roskoff, who called Trump's stance "unconscionable," thinks supporters of equality should boycott Trump's show, Celebrity Apprentice, as well as the business man's other ventures.

"Not only should gays be furious, we should be boycotting the products of the advertisers on his TV show, and certainly boycotting his casinos and hotels and apartment buildings," said the long-time activist, who also described Trump an "extreme bigot."

Roskoff continued, "[Trump's] game plan is to appeal to the extreme right. How he does business in New York, how he's tolerated is beyond me. I think things are going to change for him."

Will you join this boycott? Will it work? Does Celebrity Apprentice still have viewers, anyway? How is that possible?