As Trump Resists Equality, Gay Activist Calls For ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Boycott

DonaldPointing Gay rights groups and activists are rightfully upset with potential presidential candidate Donald Trump after he said he's not only against marriage equality, but also opposes any extension civil benefits.

Now New York-based rabble-rouser Allen Roskoff, who called Trump's stance "unconscionable," thinks supporters of equality should boycott Trump's show, Celebrity Apprentice, as well as the business man's other ventures.

"Not only should gays be furious, we should be boycotting the products of the advertisers on his TV show, and certainly boycotting his casinos and hotels and apartment buildings," said the long-time activist, who also described Trump an "extreme bigot."

Roskoff continued, "[Trump's] game plan is to appeal to the extreme right. How he does business in New York, how he's tolerated is beyond me. I think things are going to change for him."

Will you join this boycott? Will it work? Does Celebrity Apprentice still have viewers, anyway? How is that possible?


  1. Chadd says

    A stupid move for a business man. He has no chance of getting elected to anything, let alone president. The legions of closet skeletons will certainly come out starting with his bankruptcies and well publicized divorce. His NY worldliness will certainly not appeal to the Southern Christians who will be required for him to win the nomination and his financial freewheeling will be considered dangerous in terms of a national economy.

    So in the end, all he has done is piss off a demographic with a lot of disposable income. I certainly will never again patronize a Trump business.

  2. Paul says

    Let’s be honest here what queen in their right mind every patronized one of his gaudy establishments anyway ? Maybe some eurotrash queens that don’t know any better but really, gold and marble and fake potted plants anyone ? The man has always been an example of taste free tackiness. It’s hardly a boycott when we had very little to do with the old bigot in the first place. The queens that do his wife’s hair should take their curling tongs elsewhere, along with her make up team, stylist etc. Love to see her blacklisted from stores in manhattan as she saunters around trying to spend his money…or is he even still married ? I can barely keep up with old lech.

  3. New jersey gurl says

    Dissappointment. I liked The Donald. His hatred of Rosie gave me pause. But now I am 100% against La Trump. Sorry Donald, i just can’t justify you anymore. Boycott on!

  4. Bosie says

    first of all….who watches this lame show? Seriously….second WHY THE HELL you keep on watching it? I saw a few episodes with cindy lauper just because she was in the show…but that was it. THIS GUY IS A LOSER.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Hard to boycott someone who I never supported to begin with. Anyone who has lived here in NYC for a long time knows how Trump and his father were sleazy landlords who were always screwing people over. His tacky taste in buildings and women just added to his ice factor.

    Anyone who watches his reality crap is an idiot, I doubt they’d have the sense to understand a boycott.

  6. Maverick69 says

    I watched a few minutes last night and that show is atrocious. It’s beyond me why that show has been on for so many seasons. Boycott is very easy at this point.

  7. Francis says

    Yeah, pretty much what I was going to be said has been already. But this message does need to be sent nationwide, this man is a toxic bigot, on top of being a sleaze, and a boycott is in order. Hit him in the pocketbook, that’s all he cares about.

  8. says

    I feel sorry for the gay and lesbian employee’s of Trump. They now know that their boss thinks of them as inferior beings. It’s just too bad the gay community is fragmented, since an all out boycott of Trump, his show and holdings would be warranted. Guess he is only an Equal Opportunity employer when/where the law requires it. He’d probably make a killing in third world countries.

    It is also too bad that Hollywood is supportive of this man. Through his recent statements, he ‘tolerates’ gays and the gay community. Personally, never cared for the man, so for me supporting a boycott is a no-brainer. He thinks too much of himself. Doesn’t believe in gay marriage or gay rights, but has no qualms about being married three times!

    The Apprentice forum can be found @

    However, they will probably censor any posts dealing with his LGBT issues.

  9. deedrdo says

    i don’t watch his show but i would certainly write a letter to his sponsors, if such a list should ever appear. i think a massive campaign like this would send a greater message than a boycott of an inane tv show.

  10. mcNnyc says

    I don’t watch Trumps crap of a show…BUT after telling my MOM his comments…she no longer does and she’s started the conversation with her senior friends who lets face it…are the only ones that part themselves in front of broadcast TV on Sunday nights…
    And guess what….THEY have nieces and nephews who are gay or lesbian and they don’t like it.

  11. GeoMc says

    I never watched anyway. I was going to this season just to see my NeNe. Seriously, he always talks about running but never actually does. Would you vote in this economy for a man who’s claim to fame is, “You’re Fired”?

  12. Jonster says

    Sponsors are very important to Celebrity Apprentice

    “Continuing to revolutionize brand integration on television, “The Celebrity Apprentice” welcomes world class brands on (current) season 11, including: 7-Up, OnStar, Australian Gold, Camping World, ACN, Omaha Steaks, and Farouk Hair Systems.

    “This season of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ is going to be fantastic,” said Donald Trump, host and executive producer. “Our cast and the tasks they perform in conjunction with our sponsor partners are just outstanding. As the top television shows for product placement and brand integration, ‘The Apprentice’ proves the extraordinary value we offer to our sponsor partners.””

  13. booka says

    ghastly creature…do we know anyone that knows them?another parvenue couple to be avoided…they are after all ‘business’ people…sort of places them huh? Besides:”one should never draw attention to that which is unattractive or distasteful”…so thats the end of it….

  14. walter says

    gays can’t marry once but he can marry as many times as he likes , that is a great set of values. he wants to defend marriage as many times as it takes to find the right defense
    or bimbo, which every comes first. boycott the casino’e with his name are the worst anyway. his products are flashy but cheap.his money has always been his main interest.

  15. Cade says

    I’ll have to give up Miss USA and Miss Universe, but it needs to be done with the recent comments of Donald Trump.

    He does know who works backstage at these events. He does? Great. :(

  16. Lucas says

    Some of the sponsor brands to boycott that I’ve found so far include: 7-Up, OnStar, Australian Gold, Camping World, ACN, Omaha Steaks, and Farouk Hair Systems.

  17. says

    LMAO…just read this and thought I would share. Elsewhere, someone stated that, someone in LA should go out and buy some fake doggy poo, put it on Donald Trumps Walk of Fame star and take a picture!

    My question, even though I think the above is funny, is why in the heck does Donald Trump have a star on the “Walk Of Fame”? It’s not like he’s really done anything worth while to be awarded such a Hollywood honor, whereas others in the entertainment industry have none. Where is openly gay former child actor Tommy Kirk’s star? He made millions for Disney, then fired for being gay and blacklisted!

  18. McCoysMarketNYC says

    @CB: It’s pretty much common knowledge now that anyone who ponies up the $50K — or whatever the going rate is — can get a star on the Walk of Fame… It’s not the “honor” that you think it is.

  19. says

    Maybe I remember it wrong, but I think he once said (last year?) that he’ll run for president if Sara Palin did. In other words, he wants to lure Palin’s support away from her this early, just to get her out of the way. And one way to do that is to spout extreme right ideas and still be “New York modern,” unlike that hick Palin. He’s never uttered anything overtly homophobic and bigoted before, remember? I mean, it would have made the headlines. Why the sudden frankness about a divisive issue? But then again as a businessman this is a very risky act of cultural defiance. Either he’s really a true bigot being now “honest” about it or he abhors Palin as much as he did Rosie, if perhaps for a different reason. If it’s really the former, then he’s no longer an interesting heterosexual man. If it’s the latter, then better him than Palin, because Palin will go back to the Bible for ultimate authority, while Trump is a businessman..of sorts.

  20. Kyle says

    I work for the Miss USA/Universe Pageant.
    There are many Gays who work along side with me.
    We are truly some of ther best employees in his organization.
    We are very upset about all of this.
    But, we can”t say or do anything, for fear of “Being FIRED”.
    We have Great jobs in this bad economy and don”t want to risk unemployment especially in NYC.

  21. Me says

    He called Rosie O’Donnell who had the audacity to make fun of his hair, which every male comic in the world had done, a degenerate. Rosie at the time was in a committed relationship and had even flown out to San Fransisco and got married during that short time it was allowed. A degenerate, his words. This from a man who has five kids from three different women. Unfortunately America is fame crazy and I wouldn’t put it past them to elect this fool. California elected Schwarzenegger who had zero experience based on the fact he was a movie star. Look what that got them.

  22. J says

    I don’t like Donald Trump.I never have.However,I do admire his drive and success.

    I also think that it’s good he is being honest about it.I don’t know.I think a number of these straight celebrities coming out and speaking for us are just exploiting us.So that’s why it’s nice to see Donald for who he is in regards to us.Of course I don’t agree with him,but I’d rather know a true homophobe than one pretending to be gay-friendly exploiting us for his or her own gain.

  23. Lloyd G says

    Trump has now trumped his buffoonish self. He has no chance of taking the Presidency of our Great Nation, and he has successfully alienated a large portion of his potential NY base with his biased, bigoted and foolish comments. I never miss an opportunity to remind everyone of the enormous contributions to society the gays have made. I don’t think the straight men would find the ladies as attractive in a dress, bathing suit or make-up that was done by one of their ranks.

    And I have not even yet mentioned the contributions to interior design, the world’s love affair with Brodaway shows, and the all around creativity that flows from the gay community worldwide. Granted, creativity is not 100% owned by the gays, but you take a look at what the worl would look like without the gay contribution. Think black & white television dearies.
    And with a nod to the great NY personality Fran Lebowitz for being first to acknowledge the contribution.

    Gays are here to stay and have been around since the beginning of time. Get over it and quit preventing your neighbors, family members, fellow human beings from partaking of what is available to everyone else!!!!!

  24. says

    I’m REALLY confused. I specifically remember a radio commercial he was on a few years ago where he said “Gay, straight.. who cares. If you love someone you should be able to marry them”. This is a crazy flip flop.

  25. irene says

    I found this site looking for boycott info as one infuriated by Trump’s cynical hammering on the so-called birth issue. I just want to comment that for a boycott to be effective you have to contact the advertisers in question to let them know what you’re doing and why. Thank you to the commenter above who listed some Apprentice advertisers. If anyone has contact info re: the advertisers please post!

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