Colorado Senate Passes Civil Union Bill

The Colorado senate this morning passed a civil union bill, the AP reports:

Colorado Three Republicans joined all Democrats in supporting the measure Thursday following a second round of emotional debate.

More Republicans went to the podium to speak about the bill than they did Wednesday when only one party member voiced opposition. They emphasized their concerns that civil unions would undermine marriage and go against the wishes of voters. Voters rejected a domestic partnership referendum in 2006 and also banned gay marriage the same year.

The bill passed by a vote of 23-12.

One Colorado reports:

Republican Senators Roberts, Spence, and White joined all the Senate Democrats. “Fundamentally, as a Republican, what I have to look at is: does it fit my core beliefs? I believe strongly in protecting individual’s core rights and liberties,” said Republican Senator Ellen Roberts.

“If I did not come to the microphone in support of this bill today, I would be voting quietly for it but not having the courage to stand up for what’s right. My vote today is for love, respect, and commitment. My vote today is for my niece and my nephew,” said Republican Senator Jean White who voted in support of the bill in honor of a niece and nephew who are gay.

The bill now heads to the House.


  1. Chris says

    This is a very good development, and hopefully show other GOP members that it’s not the end of the world breaking away from the status quo to do what’s right.

    More action like this will help realign the party from the fear mongering extremist reputation it has come to develop all too well.

  2. Al says

    The GOP will always be the GOP. They’ve been extremists forever now. They will never change.

  3. sparks says

    The best offense against extremist right-wing propaganda is emphasizing and re-emphasizing the fact that states which have adopted marriage equality have not suffered one bit.

    Of a friend of mine who doesn’t believe this is a civil rights issue and was buying into the NOM rhetoric about “protecting traditional marriage,” I simply asked her to show me ONE straight marriage which was affected in ANY WAY by a state’s passage of marriage equality.

    I told her it would be like barring blue-eyed people from eating ice cream on the presumption that brown-eyed folks would somehow lose their own enjoyment of the dessert if others were allowed to have some.