Maryland Marriage Equality Bill ‘In Jeopardy'; NOM Bombarding Constituents with Anti-Gay Mailers

Maryland Delegate Jill Carter, who last night was holding hostage a vote for marriage equality over issues she felt merited more attention, now says she's ready to cast a vote in favor of marriage equality.

Carter A House Judiciary Committee vote, however, has not yet been rescheduled.

WBAL reports:

Carter, a Baltimore Democrat, said she skipped the vote because she wants $15 million in funding restored to Baltimore schools and passage of her bill to more evenly divide child custody for divorced parents.

"I was always ready to vote for the bill," she told Collins on Wednesday. "There were some things that I wanted to have discussed and I knew if we took the vote first, they wouldn't be discussed. They were discussed (Tuesday). I was happy. I'm content and ready to vote for the bill."

The Baltimore Sun reports that the bill is in danger because several other lawmakers have begun to reconsider their votes.

Equality Maryland is still urging folks to call delegates in support of the bill (1-800-492-7122).

Meanwhile, NOM is sending out anti-gay mailers. The Washington Blade has a selection.



  1. Francis says

    Just like 3 weeks ago, I ready that the chances of this passing were high, most Maryland citizens supported it, and now it’s looking less and less likely to pass. Very sad, but not surprising, given the fact most politicians have shown they aren’t willing to support us whatsoever as a community.

  2. Brian Miller says

    How is that whole “support the Democratic Party unconditionally” thing working out for us again?

    (Ironically, it will be the courts — not worthless politicians — where we’ll win).

  3. M. Bergeron says

    Brian, are you on crack? Who supports the Democratic Party unconditionally? Politicians are by their nature craven and untrustworthy, party hardly matters. You’re right, though, it will be the courts and not the politicians who will ensure our rights are respected, but that what they’re supposed to do.

  4. Sam says

    Just another reminder for those in Maryland need to contact their Delegates about this bill. Supporters, opponents, and those on the fence. NOM is desperate and now is not the time to relax and assume it will happen. Remember California. Remember Maine. Lets make sure we win Maryland to the side of equality.

  5. Jason 2 says

    Thank you, Delegate Carter, for potentially killing the opportunity for me to marry in the state of Maryland because of your attention-whoring for unrelated causes. I hope your constituents will also thank you as well.

  6. IonMusic says

    This is directly related to the fact that gays are complacent when it comes to our rights. The fact that politicians can even toy with our rights like this…the fact that politicians in Maryland can change their minds on a law that affects SOOOO many in that state is directly correlated to the fact that gays just don’t care to be treated with respect.

    Substitute any other group of people and there would be no debate, much less politicians being able to toy with their rights. This is an outrage, but even more outrageous is the fact that many LGBT just aren’t passionate about their own rights and respects.

    Think about it: Maryland…2011…Democrat as democrat can get and we can’t even get the lawmakers there to see our rights for what it is. Outrage.

  7. says

    @Brian: No one, especially people in Maryland at this moment, should support any politician unconditionally. They should be contacting their representatives and strongly pressuring them to do the right thing. (Persistence pays off for both sides, and we know the other side is persistent.) But Democrats have been responsible for all legislative progress on gay rights, so the ones who do support us (who vastly outnumber their Republican counterparts) deserve our support in return. The Republicans certainly do not.

  8. Francis says

    I disagree, Ionmusic. It’s not that gay folk have no self-respect. It’s that we aren’t respected in greater society in general, worldwide. Ultimately, I know my friends and I, we called our MD friends, who called their delegates and their friends. But, at the end of the day, when our basic EXISTENCES are still under debate, expecting people to, in their eyes, stick their necks out for us, is sadly still a risky proposition. Heterosexist power structure, what Ms. Carter did, what NOM is doing, all of it is about the power these people have, and are using and abusing. We’re gaining but realistically we don’t have that sort of power yet and these politicians, religious bigots, whatever the case is, they know it. I think people are very angry, but I do think some are just really beaten down with the constant having to fight and look over your shoulder, just to get some basic rights that, as you say, aren’t even up for debate when it comes to other groups. 2011 or 1987, we still aren’t a fully accepted group, and until we are, there are going to be people and groups who look to take advantage of us. What we need to do is focus on changing hearts and minds and creating social change.

  9. TampaZeke says

    Please ignore the flame throwing troll CHESTER-BABY.

    Is it any surprise that NOM is hauling out the same old lies, fear and smear campaign that’s worked for them 31 times before? They will continue to use it until we find a way to effectively expose them and counter the lies with truth.

    So far that hasn’t happened. We will keep losing these battles until it does.

  10. mark says

    I agree with Tampazeke… Why aren’t the leading LGBT organization producing an ad to run on TV to call out NOM and the FRC on the lies especially where marriage equality.. I hate seeing the ads with two moms and the “everyone deserves to marry”,,those ads were the cause of Ca. losing prop8…. people don’t hear that What they hear is “children will learn about gay marriage in school…Call the SOB’s out !!!

  11. Bubala says

    I have to agree with ionmusic. Where are our flyers? Where are our rallies? Why aren’t we out in the streets with picket signs demanding our rights?

  12. James says

    Equality Maryland with help from whoever has the money, needs to put an ad out there that says in effect “these liars are spouting the same falsehoods that were dis-proven in court”.

  13. says

    Nazi Germany 1939
    After the Germans began World War II with the invasion of Poland in September 1939, the Nazi regime employed propaganda to impress upon German civilians and soldiers that the Jews were not only subhuman, but also dangerous enemies of the German Reich.

    Change a few words….

    NOM/Conservative USA 2011
    After national attention to the issues of gay marriage and gay rights, solidifying
    political support in San Francisco and in the gay community in 2004, NOM (National
    Organization of Marriage) and the Conservative regime employed propaganda (FOX News) to impress upon American civilians that the homosexuals were not only subhuman, but also dangerous enemies of the United States of America.

  14. IonMusic says

    Francis, you’re actually agreeing with me without realizing it. I’m stating gays should be PASSIONATE, you’re arguing gays should be passionate but here is why they are not. That doesn’t help anyone. Debating our rights and our existence go hand in hand and can be done at the same time. It requires FAR more than just having a cup of coffe with mom and Sis explaining to them what it means to be gay. We need to get our message loud and broad heard by as many people as we can get to listen to them to educate them and to evolve them. It’s too easy to just try to shape those around you, it takes a special person to want to make an impact on people outside their comfort zone..including their lawmakers. Gays will only thrive if we put pressure on politicians and elected officials to let them know we mean business. PERIOD.
    NOT waiting for people to come around.

    People didn’t come around to injustices toward blacks even decades after those injustices were outlawed.

    People don’t always get it, politicians should. And when they don’t, it’s in our best interest as gays to make our voice heard loud and clear…not kick rocks and shurg it off.

  15. Patric says

    Yeah, Brian Miller, 24 of 33 Democratic members of the Maryland Senate last week voted for marriage equality while 13 of 14 Republican members voted for anti-gay discrimination but I guess the problem is that our community has been too supportive of Democrats. Similarly, at least 70% of Democratic members of the Maryland House of Delegates are expected to vote for equality if the bill passes out of committee (which it will do on the basis of the votes of Democratic committee members alone) while zero of 43 Republican Delegates are expected to support equality, yet again I guess the problem is that our community is too supportive of Democrats.

    It was morons like you who were urging all of us to stay away from the polls last November. Well, sadly, too many listened and what did that get us?

    After years in which Democrats had blocked passage of anti-gay amendments to state constitutions in Indiana and North Carolina, those amendments look poised to move forward now that Republicans have seized control of the legislatures in those states.

    After Democrats passed marriage equality in New Hampshire, the Republicans who have seized control of the state legislature there are holding hearings on a bill to repeal equality.

    When we had excellent prospects for advancing a marriage equality bill in Minnesota with a new governor who strongly supports equality, a surprise takeover of the state legislature by Republicans (caused by depressed turnout among progressives) has left us with no hopes of advancing equality there for the next two years.

    So, I think that the question really is: how is sitting on the sidelines and not getting out to support pro-equality Dems working out for you?

  16. ricky says

    What exactly is the story here? NOM is sending fliers? Really, fliers in the mail is what is putting this fundamental right in jeopardy in Maryland? No, NOM fliers are not, I repeat not, and once more – NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAILURE OF THE MARYLAND LEGISLATURE TO PASS MARRIAGE EQUALITY.

    Enough of this crap – either the Maryland Legislature believes in fundamental equality for the gays and lesbians who live in, and pay taxes in, that state — or they do not. Suggesting that a flier from NOM is putting the commitment in jeopardy – is ridiculous – either the support is there or it is not – PERIOD.

    As for Delegate Carter – I find her politicizing of her support to be far more offensive than anything NOM has ever done. I grew up in Maryland, graduated from the University of Maryland, and still have family in Maryland – and I say this sincerely – I would rather the Legislature fail to pass marriage equality than have to rely on Carter’s support – which lacks decency, dignity, and honor.

  17. Francis says

    OK, yes, I 100% agree Ionmusic. We can’t be apathetic during these times of complete injustice. We need to make our voices heard and take a stand and create social change by sending out our message to a wide audience. But I also agree with Ricky, in that, ultimately, a person is either for or against equality. Putting pressure on Newt Gingrinch to support our rights isn’t going to make that happen. Jill Carter’s support, as we all see, is open-ended and is to be bought, not true support. I 100% expect gay folks and supporters to realize that, if you want to get what you require, you have to get up off your ass and fight for it, and make it be known you won’t allow anything less. However, being realistic about the situation were in is also something that we have to understand. Not accept whatsoever, and something that needs to change, but understand that ultimately, there is a heterosexist power structure, and they are deeper in numbers than we, and have the extra power of using “God” on their side. We are the outsiders, we are the main threat in these individuals’ eyes, and even though greater society is becoming more accepting, those in power are going to be resistant and the louder we get, the more resistant they are going to get. So, obviously I’m not trying to say being passionate for our basic rights is not of importance, of course it is. But, it’s not GAYS that are the reason for the situation we are in right now in this country, and we aren’t going to be the only ones who turn this country around either.

  18. Francis says

    I agree 100%, though, we as a community, and our allies, aren’t on the same page in what we need to do to make things happen. We need to see more rallies, we need to see more demonstrations, we need to see more of an attempt to refute the lies of bigots. We need to see more pressure and calling out of people who denigrate us or who show no regard towards our lives, and we need to take the offensive in these situations, instead of taking reactionary measures. The public gay groups like HRC need to be much more active in making their voices heard and sending our message out. That’s probably my biggest disappointment, where are these organizations who say they promote our causes? I haven’t see them doing much in the Maryland case. They aren’t effective enough and we don’t have a public leader which is a huge problem for us.

  19. mark says

    Call Maggie Gallagher out for what she is A hypocrite and paid propagandist… She was knocked up at 22 and unwed
    ( responsible procreation) and then as a good Catholic she marries a hindu..Her real last name is Srivastav.. She goes under Gallagher because she doesn’t want people to think she is a Muslim. And WHY don’t we ever see a picture of her with her husband and why is he never with her ?

  20. Joe says

    I know some people aren’t going to like this and someone will get offended, but I mean this somewhat in jest:

    Why is it that the anti-gay bigots/people willing to slow down equality always look so queer? Jill Carter looks like a drag queen, and not a particularly good one.

    And Brian Brown from nom has such gay face that I would expect him to only talk about sucking guys off.

    Sorry, but it’s just a funny (and sad) irony I’ve noticed with these folks.

  21. Patric says

    Has everybody here read the post? She now says she’s going to vote with us. Whatever you think about her actions over the past couple of days, if she’s with us now, I really think we’re better off aiming our fire at those who are not with us.

  22. Sean says

    I love this flyer! It is so full of it. Here is how I would respond to it:

    – Catholic Charities chose to leave the adoption business because they didn’t want to actually accommodate actual state law. It was their choice, not a state choice. We wouldn’t tolerate an adoption agency that did not accommodate African, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Pacific-Islander, Jewish, Muslim, or any other group protected by public accommodation laws would we? This was more of a temper tantrum in MA and for that matter in DC than anything else.

    – Teaching kids in kindergarten about all types of relationships that are in the world they live in is not about sex. It is about telling them about neighbors and even their own friend’s families. I love how they use King & King as the book here. A harmless book that is about commitment.

    – Strange… MD ALREADY forbids all businesses and employees to engage in discrimination of sexual orientation and discriminate in public accommodations. This is an old argument that has no weight in MD. And the customer decides what is best for them not the vendor. We impose the same laws regarding race, creed, religion, national origin, gender, etc on everyone already. However, people will be allowed to have their prejudices and be able to not only speak but protest in support of their opinions regardless.

    – The current bill as amended in the state senate protects churches/temples/mosques and religious fraternal organizations rights under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

  23. Patric says

    Fine, Francis. Spend the next few days launching personal attacks on someone who, regardless of what we might think of her behavior over the past few days, has again committed to vote for equality (making her one of less than half the members of her chamber who have currently committed to doing so). I’d prefer to focus on securing a majority for passage.

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