1. Bob R says

    Every time Trump opens his mouth, his brains fall out. This man really is an idiot on so many subjects it is mind boggling. How does he make and keep money? I’ve heard him talk about trade, China, Japan, our economic problems, Obama’s birth certificate (which is an obsession with him), gay rights and a number of other issues. He’s a lot like Palin, bumper sticker slogans, vague talking points and word salad but no real understanding of anything. I imagine this man’s IQ is about equal to his shoe size and his thinking is as fuzzy as that furry thing on the top of his head. But, hey, he keeps his name and face on the tee-vee machine and for him that’s the real payoff. He’s a mental masturbator.

  2. Annalisa says

    Um…. and is Trump on his 3rd or 4th marriage? I’ve lost count. Not exactly the best person to make comments on who should be able to marry…

  3. Perfect says

    Q: Why didn’t O’Reilly ask Trump how he justifies his anti-gay-marriage position when Trump has been married 3 times?

    A. Fox is a Propaganda Channel, not a News Channel.

  4. Francis says

    Obviously, nothing Donald says on this subject is valid. Secondly, this is Fox News, meaning this interview can be ignored accordingly. Thirdly, Donald is a con artist and will say anything to get ahead, in this case, look like a “true conservative”.

    Ultimately, in the bigger picture, this is the main reason a large portion of anti-gays have for being anti-gay. I don’t “like” it, I don’t “feel good” about it, it doesn’t “sit right” with me, and a lot of loaded illogical non-answers, based on irrational feelings, that these homophobes desperately validate to justify themselves to themselves.

  5. anon says

    His run would be very amusing. He’s already stated that he won’t do populist things like kiss babies. Wait until he gets 1% of the vote in Iowa.

  6. nick says

    STFU Donnie-
    you have no credibility when it comes to rendering an opinion on marriages of any kind. You and FAUX Noise -a perfect combination of hot air and lies.

  7. Bryan says

    “I just don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel right about it.”

    In other words, he has no facts, reasoned arguments, or supportable conclusions, only personal prejudices which – being unfamiliar with the notion of ethics – he feels perfectly free to inflict upon those around him.

    In other words, but for the scary hair hat, he’s just like every other celebrity bigot expounding on something he knows absolutely nothing about.

  8. patrick nyc says

    Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert have been having a field day with this clown. Stewart did his impression of Trump with his birther crap, as well as Barbour and Santorum.

    “You know get me my birt certificate, dip it in gold, give it some fake tits and tell it to wait in my bedroom.”—base-race—santorum–barbour—trump

    Plus Lewis Black has a great bit on the Donald.—trump-2012

  9. Justin Werner says

    OMG. I will have a very sleepless night tonight knowing that The Donald doesn’t feel good about me being able to marry the man I’ve spent the last 17 years building a life with. I just know I’m going to toss and turn and keep my beloved awake, too..

  10. Paul R says

    He doesn’t want to be president, and he knows he doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting elected. Pretending to be a candidate is simply a convenient way to drum up attention for his TV show, hotels, casinos, and other holdings. Americans are pretty stupid, but no way would they trust this man. No one does.

    But he’s so stupid he doesn’t realize that it will backfire. He’d make more money if he acted middle of the road; acting like and pandering to conservatives will make him lose liberal customers.

  11. johnny says

    Well, I don’t feel good about your hair, Donnie, so hold still while I sharpen my chain saw. BTW, I lost my glasses, so we’ll just have to make do.

  12. Mac McNeill says

    I think his gay hairdresser ought to boycott doing his hair. Bet that would throw him into a hissy. The guy is a LOSER. He thinks he’s God gift to business yet he/his company has filed bankrupty several times I believe. We really need someone like him and Huckleberry as president.

  13. Bill Cooney says

    Why don’t “Real Christians” speak out about the Right=Wing, Christo-Fascists who are running the Tea Party/GOP? BTW, Trump only managed to provide a “certificate of live birth”! Donald, STFU! You’re an egomaniacal jerk!

  14. Mike says

    My original birth certificate has my name crossed out (by hand) because my mom named me after my dad and then he bailed… So birth certificates really indicate who a person is. I mean the fact that Obama now says he’s NOT a muslim has nothing to do with it. Oh yeah, and my mom, a former LOVER of Donald Trump has taken his show off her season pass after I showed her some of his news clips… So I say promote promote promote, because I don’t think people know what the Don is doing unless they go on these sites.

  15. J says

    Guyg guys guys!!!!

    Let him talk! WHAT HE SAYS will be his downfall.So let him make a fool of himself especially after he said that he is a smart guy.

  16. Go Galt. Please. says

    The poster child of Strategic Default of Mortgage (bankruptcy) doesn’t “feel good” about gay marriage?
    Man, those native born Jamaicans sure have messed up values.

  17. Bad Humor Boy says

    This world-class egotist has notoriously capitalized on going for the gusto wherever and whenever it profits and suits his advantage. Conclusion: his judgment has been left inflexibly ill-disposed toward that exercise by others. Trump proves himself to be just another philandering serial monogamist in the evolving tradition of heterosexists. He has bent over far enough to get GOProud, tea-baggers, and birthers to kiss his ass. As he has assumed the position and all of those folk are still into that greasy kid stuff, if he can get his head out of his ass, he can take what’s coming to him and not feel a thing!

  18. Travis says

    Yes, the Donald, Muslims have the market cornered on hate. It wouldn’t be that Christians invoke their religion for hatred. Hmmmm, I refer to previous stance on gay marriage.

  19. Jim Dyment says

    Whether your opposition to gay marriage comes from a genuine religious conviction or an “icky” feeling, the right to harbor one’s own opinion does not translate to a right to forbid someone from enjoying basic civil rights. Marriage is, in fact, a civil institution in addition to being a religious institution for many people.(taken from an article written by Ryan Short)

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