World’s First Legally Wed Lesbian Couple Mark 10th Anniversary


Two women married ten years, and the world hasn't ended!

AFP reports on the 10th anniversary of Helene Faasen and Anne-Marie Thus:

"We married for love, not politics. But of course we were aware it was an historic moment," 41-year-old Anne-Marie, a notary assistant and gay rights campaigner, said ahead of their 10th anniversary on Friday.

By tying the knot in front of the world's press, "we wanted to make other people think about how horrible it is to be denied something that is a natural right for others," added her wife, 44-year-old notary Helene Faasen.

"A heterosexual person never needs to think about whether he is allowed to marry or not, he simply needs to be lucky enough to find the love of his life."

Rex Wockner posted about the historic day 10 years ago earlier this week.


  1. John Mclaren says

    A gay Toronto couple was married in the 90’s by MCC’s Rev. Brent Hawkes which was recognized by Ontario’s Supreme Court in 2003 which then retroactively predated their marriage before the Netherlands. But then why would Towleroad want to do research worldwide? America always has to win or be the biggest or the first ever in the universe. Like People magazine’s most beautiful people in the world…the majority are Americans. Sorry..but the same-sex male couple married at Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto CANADA was the first in the world.

  2. Garry says

    Hey I am so happy for u both, and u r so right when u say the majority of humans do not have to consider if they have the right to be together. I am part of a Bi-National union [held civil union in UK, my husband is American] where we cannot live in my husbands homeland because legally I do not exsist-not a nice thing to be told.
    We are in a historical time, and may it move swiftly,,, someone once said “stand up for your rights, even if u stand alone” well I know we do not stand alone-but we need to be heard.
    Enjoy your aniversary!! hugz from New Zealand.

  3. Nanny McBone says

    I’m happy for all these people. To find someone whom you love enough to settle down with is a rare and outstanding accomplishment. To actually marry is even more important. And to keep it going is, in this day and age, rarest of all.


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