1. Paul R says

    This may sound ignorant, but I’ve spent a month in India and work with tons of Indians, and looking at these photos it took a while to determine which guy is Indian.

    Indians are Caucasians, so this is less a story of mixed race than mixed culture.

  2. redball says

    Paul R: I’ve spent a month in India myself and I have plenty of Indian & South Asian friends here in the States. They really do come in all shades.

    It really depends on what part of the country you are talking about and what heritage. There are tribal populations of India, for example, who are thought to have come from Africa thousands of years ago and they are as dark as Africans.

    And for the record, dude above is apparently 1/2 Indian. He talks about his dad being from India. So that probably explains why he doesn’t look “stereotypically” Indian. His mom is from “the South”…by which I guess he means the southern US.

    Anyway, I watched the video and they seem like a really sweet couple and they had some great messages about the meaning of family and about parents accepting who their children love. BRAVO, GUYS!

  3. suede says

    ROFL at the part where he switches to an Indian accent describing what his dad said on the phone.

    I hope dadi had a great time. Im just confused at “Daniels” as a sur-name for someone who’s dad is from India. Whats the story there?

  4. Danny says

    Suede, I don’t think he means that; I think he means the South of India–where the people are much darker. Yum…

  5. Jeffrey says

    Hi guys! Thanks for the comments and support. It is a little confusing regarding my ethnicity. Dad is from india- momma is from the states- hence the skin color šŸ˜‰

  6. redball says

    Yay! Hey Jeffrey.

    Just for the record: I said “thousands” of years in my last post when it’s probably more like “hundreds.” (I felt compelled to do some fact-checking….)

  7. says

    I just love that comment;Indians are not mixed race: Indian people are Caucasian.

    So that states it. No wonder to us Black folk some ya’ll harbor such anger and hatred. We’re actually the only minority…LMAO!

    Tell that to a W.A.S.P that indian is caucasian and see the reaction.

  8. Gabe R L says

    I also thought it was unnecessary to called them a ‘mixed-race couple’ regardless of whether they are all caucasian or not.

  9. says

    Yea the mixed-race heading threw me off a bit. Nobody is really going to pay them any attention walking down the street…they just look like two basic white dudes.

    When my black ass is walking down the sidewalk holding my ginger boyfriend’s hand, I can tell you all about that mixed-race-ness.

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