LGBT Stories: Mixed Race Gay Couple Faces Challenges And Triumphs From Within Family

Jeffrey Jonathan TR


Guestblogger Nathan Manske and Marquise Lee just finished a 4 month, 50 state tour of the United States collecting stories for their I'm From Driftwood site. We'll be sharing some of the stories they collected along with some of the insight into what they saw. They're still encouraging people to submit their written stories via IFD.

Driftwood We met Jeffrey and Jon just a few days before Jeffrey's grandmother, who's mentioned in the story, came to visit. As they explain in the video, Indian culture and attitudes towards LGBT people are quite different than American culture so I was dying to know what happened when she visited. Jeffrey sent me an email informing me how the night went, along with the photo below, after the jump:

The long and short of it is, Jon came with me to our family dinner (kids and spouses) with Dadi (Grandma). Jon was clearly my companion at dinner. Not much was said to highlight us in particular but more than anything we were accepted and not questioned (which is the greatest gift in my mind in ANY relationship). She came to our house, got the tour, then plotted my marriage to an Indian woman for when I was 'ready'...HAHAHAHA!


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