1. Sargon Bighorn says

    “Too muscle muscle” is a Puritan hold over that says if anything looks good, tastes good, feels good, or in any way makes you feel good is EVIL.

    I hope one day we will over come that.

  2. monkeypants says

    It didn’t look like “too much muscle” to me, but consistent with the way the comic is drawn. As far as costuming problems, they should have just followed his progress and planned accordingly.

  3. Rin says

    Maybe he thinks he has too much muscle to “feel” good. You guys don’t know. Maybe he’s into things like yoga or running where you need to be leaner to feel flexible–or maybe it was too much muscle for him.

    I’m just sayin

  4. Drew says

    “Too much muscle” is the best tagline yet to get a movie noticed in the public forum, especially among women and gay men. God knows it caught my eye.

    It’s akin to Bruce Willis stating there’s too many women with HUGE boobs in his next flick. Which straight guy could resist THAT?

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