1. Brad says

    Hahaha. What a joke. Apple gets to decide to omit derogatory or hateful apps from the app store. They aren’t controlling what you think, unless you are a mindless idiot. They are controlling what they sell you. Family stores choose not to have porn on their shelves. They aren’t controlling what you think about porn, just deciding not to sell it. Your local XXX store probably doesnt sell a lot of bibles. They aren’t placing judgement on Christians, just choosing not to sell holy books. Apple’s policies are not secretive. It’s spelled out in the developers contract.

  2. Brad says

    How is what’s in your iPhone controlling what you think and believe. Oh yeah, most of the people who actually listen to this guy are probably weak minded fools.

  3. JimmyD says

    BRAD: Part of your comment made me laugh.
    “Your local XXX store probably doesn’t sell a lot of bibles…”
    How many do you think they do sell?? :)
    (Not a snark. I know what you’re saying. And I like it!)

  4. Bryan says

    That this was ultimately Apple’s decision is incidental, as is the fact that the organizations behind them are run by destructive religious fanatics seeking to ruin lives and encourage violence in the name of their God.

    The apps were removed because thousands of people condemned them. To think of Apple or any corporation as a friend or foe is a mistake.

    Ultimately, whatever the feelings and opinions of the people within them, corporations are amoral machines which exist for a single reason: to make a profit. A great many decent, progressive, moral people happen to work for Apple at the moment, but like any corporation, the entity itself is no more moral than a Cuisinart. Threaten any corporation with sufficient lost revenue, and it’ll react like a lab rat to an electric shock.

    A chainsaw has no intent, no principles and is incapable of loyalty. Like a corporation, it does what it was designed to do – to cut, and will tend to do that regardless of circumstance. Confusing the tool with whoever happens to be holding it at any given moment can be a fatal mistake.

  5. Brian W. says

    If I were Apple, I would take the position that apps on the store should be “Promotion of self, not demotion of others.”