Watch: Focus on the Family Upset Apple is Rejecting Anti-Gay Apps


Focus on the Family lackey complains that Apple is forcing people to think like it does be rejecting anti-gay apps from The Manhattan Declaration and Exodus International.

Jeremy Hooper notes the hypocrisy: "The Manhattan Declaration app comes out against 'a right to engage in immoral sexual practices,' and features a whole host of 'pro-family' signatories lashing out those who fall out of line with their evangelical beliefs. And Exodus International is a program solely focused -- SOLEY. FOCUSED -- on using scientifically-discredited methodology to turn gays into some sort of flux state known as an 'ex-gay.' The whole vibe of both programs: Think like I think, diversity of the world be damned! Incidentally, the same vibe that's steered Focus on the Family for several decades now."