Full Delaware House to Vote on Civil Union Bill Today

The Delaware House will vote on SB 30 today and could become the next state to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples, the Newark Post reports:

Delaware The Delaware House Administration Committee released legislation on Wednesday that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, clearing the way for it to be considered by the full House on Thursday.

Under the measure, civil unions would be available only to same-sex couples, while marriage would remain limited by Delaware law only to opposite-sex couples. Couples who enter into a civil union would enjoy the same rights, protections and obligations that exist for married spouses.

The News Journal adds that the House committee vote on the bill was 4-1: "The bill, sponsored by state Sen. David Sokola, D-Newark North, passed the Senate 13-6 last week and Gov. Markell has pledged to sign it."

They note a possible vote late this afternoon.


  1. Bruno says

    This seems too easy so far, hopefully it goes through. While I’m not really in favor of civil unions over marriage equality, I do think the more states that enact either one will help bring parts of DOMA down more easily.

  2. TomaHawk says

    At 7:15 pm today, the House had voted down 9 amendments and passed SB 30 by a vote of 26 for vs. 15 against. That’s a 63% vote for. The Senate vote was a 68% for. This septuagenarian was in tears. It has taken quite a few years to finally get this right made into law.

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