Hungary Bans Same-Sex Marriage in New Conservative Constitution

Hungarian lawmakers approved a new Constitution Monday which bans same-sex marriage and includes a number of other socially conservative tenets, the AP reports:

Hungary Hungary's political opposition and human rights groups including Amnesty International say other measures are attempts to limit freedoms.

The constitution protects the life of a fetus from the moment of conception, a move seen as opening the possibility for a future ban or restrictions on abortion.

Same-sex couples may legally register their partnerships but marriage is restricted to heterosexual relationships.

A ban on discrimination does not mention age or sexual orientation, and the constitution allows lifetime prison sentences for violent crimes without the possibility of parole.

Approximately 3,000 people, including gay rights activists, reportedly attended a rally on Friday opposing the new document.


  1. says

    This is why our constitution takes a super majority of the states to enact changes. We are protected from both conservative and liberal experiments at the expense of the populace…

  2. Rick says

    Eastern Europe seems to be much more homophobic than Western Europe, the Czech Republic seemingly the only exception. Hard to understand why. I never really understood the hard-line homophobia of the Communist Party in the past, but one might think that being liberated from it in so many spheres would have led to sexual liberation in the former Eastern bloc countries, as well, but that does not appear to be the case. Perhaps having been forced to deny their religious beliefs all those years caused some to embrace fanatically Catholicism and that is the source of the lingering homophobia? Or is something else at play?

    Anybody really know?

  3. says

    Steve beat me to it. My first thought was that EU members are required to offer certain protections to minority groups. The fact that the ban on discrimination “does not mention age or sexual orientation” may (possibly) be an issue. It goes to show that Eastern European countries may make a show of being open-minded to gain entry to the EU and then reverse their policies once they are full members.

  4. says

    In the case of Hungary it’s not fanatical Catholicism, but just right wing Nationalism, longing for the good old days (perhaps with a bit of anti-Semitism thrown in). The former communists were in power for a while and screwed some things up. Then general economic downturn… and presto! Ripe for fascist pickings.

  5. Paul R says

    @Ioann, they can be expelled, fined, or otherwise punished for not following EU rules just as easily. The EU isn’t so dumb that it would let newly acceded members change their laws and run afoul of its requirements.

  6. epic says

    while i feel for gay Hungarians, these backwards countries are exactly that, the need to marginalized in the world debate on our future and ridiculed for their “de-evolution” of the rights of their citizens

  7. Luisa says


    “while i feel for gay Hungarians, these backwards countries are exactly that…”

    As an openly gay Hungarian woman, I find your comment incredibly ignorant and offensive. I’m pissed off about the new constitution but I’m not going to have my country trashed by someone who has never been there.

  8. Jim says

    So, the Hungarians didn’t learn that discrimination within their country led to the gassing and burning of over 400,000 of their Jewish citizens… in 1944. This anti-gay legislation is just more fascism at work.

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