1. Redebbm says

    Ugh the font……Yes that’s my problem with it.

    Seriously, why complain? Anything else probably would had been copying Madonna (Saying in a joking way). I’m just gonna enjoy the music, like I always have and always will.

  2. Chadiis says

    She talked a lot about it at her concert in Orlando last night. She talked about how she struggled with making the final decision and finally gave this one her approval yesterday. She showed it on the screen at the concert, so I’d be very surprised if it was a joke and another was shown on Tuesday. She wouldn’t lie to her little monsters, would she?

  3. Joseph says

    She just released JUDAS RIGHT??? soo what did Judas do? HE BETRAYED JESUS! this is Lady Gaga’s betrayal to her Jesus (US!!). the official comes out in 3 DAYS – Just like Jesus resurrected after 3 days of his crucifixion!. It’s all a LIE!

  4. mike128 says

    I like the fact that she’s sexy without doing the whole pop starlet sex object thing. it’s nice to have another female pop persona with a bit of an edge.

  5. MadM@ says

    she looks pretty ferosh. She really is getting into this KISS thing, I feel like next she will be Mrs Marilyn Manson. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. Ron Jay says

    I feel at this point she’s just mocking her own message and how her little monsters should accept themselves for being different… “Born this way” atop a bad gaga/motorcycle creature? It’s all one big joke for me now.

  7. Eugene says

    It’s rumored that this is a fake and one of her “3 betrayals” as a sort of “Judas-like” action (as her last 2 singles were released earlier than their announced date).

  8. Brian in Texas says

    I love gaga, but really hope this is not the real cover. That font is straight out of Lowrider or DUB magazine. Just cheap! It would be ok as an inset.

  9. Daveny says

    No! It’s a lie! It’s just a joke!!!! She release the real one in 3 days! Because it’s like Jesus and judas and Casper !!! Its all art!!! ART! ART!

    LMAO! You stans are hilarious when you try to make excuses for her fail-ness.

  10. johnny says

    Good concept, poor execution. Not enough body parts on the cycle, the tailpipes could have been sets of legs, etc… and if the colors were more amazing, pinks, tourqs, etc… would have helped. Toooo dark, should have been more upbeat and fun with this idea which would have fit her personality.

  11. Matthew says

    I agree with a previous commenter. This looks like a bad photoshop project. I seriously hope that this is a joke. K posted a beautiful cover on the previous page. That would be an awesome cover, imo.

  12. Lala says

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She is rocking that badass KISS thing! Just think this is a perfect cover………it is supposed to look DIY. BRILLANT! Great Mother Monster, Paws Up, you DID IT AGAIN! Everyone is now talking about you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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