1. Tanner Vale says

    @Tone: Gladly. I honestly hate this. This child is a publicity stunt, and if it isn’t they’re definitely not hating the press. I’m not gonna say that ‘this is exactly what the gay community doesn’t blah blah blah’ because, to be honest, Elton isn’t a part of the ‘community’ any more than he’s a part of the IRA, but this does seem like two bored rich gay men, scared of their increasing irrelevance, saying to each other “Hey, you know what’d be good for a laugh?”

  2. ohplease says

    Yes, because Elton John desperately needs publicity — oh, wait, and even if he doesn’t, then damn him for being a celebrity who doesn’t hate the press — and his life is obviously boring. And obviously this gay man — whose annual AIDS fundraiser is a must-go party and who is in a long-term commited relationship with his partner — is not part of the gay community.

    Honestly, some people can’t think straight for the hate.

  3. Adam says

    Well rumor has it the only people raising this child are the nannies. Though frankly, between the options, that is probably the safest choice. To choose a 20-something admitted drug user superstar that isn’t wrapped to tight as your child’s godmother seems fairly irresponsible.

  4. says

    Yes, they’re rich. They might be bored (though I doubt anyone on here knows them well enough to say). They might even be coasting toward irrelevance, whatever that means. But after over 40 years of a stunningly successful career in the music business, Elton John doesn’t need any more publicity. And what exactly makes one a part of the “community” other than a shared, honest sexual orientation? And anyone who thinks that any gay person becomes a parent “for a laugh” simply doesn’t have children. Or, rather, they shouldn’t.

    What the gay community has been fighting for is not strict adherence to some sort of GLBT paradigm for how families should be created and managed. What I’ve been fighting for (and I assume the rest of the community as well) has been the freedom to create, love, and nurture our own families without being forced to adhere to the rubric of the straight community and without suffering the loss of our civil rights in the process. That’s exactly what these two men have done, and it’s exactly what thousands of other GLBT couples have done across the country and around the world.

    It never fails. Someone has something wonderful happen to them, then all the haters have to chime in with their idiotic animosity. I, for one, congratulate this family as well as all the other GLBT people who are raising healthy, happy children in a society in which all the cards are stacked against them.

  5. Joe says

    Lady Gaga the godmother to Elton’s kid. Too gay.

    Kidding aside, Gaga seems like a compassionate individual. And I’m really glad they picked someone so young.

    Still this does feel like a bit of a publicity stunt. You’d think they have a very close female friend, who isn’t famous, that they could have chosen.

  6. Bryan says

    Why not have Rush Limbaugh be the baby’s godfather?

    After all, Elton, Rush is the one you whored the last of your principles to for a million dollars. Why not go all the way and let him poison your son as well as your ethics?

    Dead to me. All of them. Dead dead dead.

  7. Rowan says

    Tanner Vale, but I bet YOU complain when a well known gay actor who is in the glass closet doesn’t come out right?

    What is with you bitches?

    We NEED him to come out with his boyfriend and publicly declare I’m gay on people!!! NOW!!! But then, this is a publicity stunt-whoring his babies and relationship in the press!!

    So which is it?

    I have a not so funny feeling that they couldn’t give two sh*ts about what you guys think because guess who is the problem? The white Midwest Christian brigade who think ALL gay men are sick, perverted and evil.

    That’s where he should be concentrating on and this is what he is doing. To waste his time with a bunch of bitchy, flippant, judgmental and irrational gay commenters is a wasted strategy because you’ll hate who you hate anyway!

    Damn, I can’t believe I’m sticking up for Elton and I hate him!

  8. Joe in CT says

    Maybe I need to watch the interview to get the context, but why are these men wearing bathrobes for a video taped interview? It’s all too Hugh Hefner-ish for me.

  9. Drew says

    I can only imagine all of Elton’s best female friends silently thinking “This A-hole! I’ve known him for years and he picks an out-of-the-blue singer who is recently famous?!”

    And yeah, they would have every right to be angry in my book. Oh well.

  10. says



    how long have they even known gaga? 1yr 2?

    godparent’s tend to be family members or someone you knew for more than say 10 years

    Its just a stunt to try to hook his sagging star onto someone younger to boost him back up

    Might as well have picked rush limbaugh since he has known rush longer than gaga and loves rush’s $ to sell out his principals

  11. says


    you people do understand what a godparent is right?

    someone who is supposed to get custody of the kid if the parents die

    its not just some cocktail hour title, it comes with real responsibilities

  12. Pauly says

    Gaga’s fifteen minutes are about to end. Did anybody catch the story of a fan supposedly dying at her concert for five minutes and supposedly coming back to life? Please tell me how someone’s heart stops beating for five minutes and then WHAM…BAM….they are okay again thanks to Gaga Christ. I can’t believe homosexuals fall for this pathetic excuse of a human.

  13. Lexxvs says

    So happy to see big examples being set. I have no doubt that were the civil partnership be in place long ago, this opportunity would’ve come earlier, but nevertheless, given their resources –and the love and legacy they can provide- it’s good that they gave that step. Some people are so invested in hate (hate is a word to resume a myriad of mean feelings) –even in our own gay community- that they can not see beyond to the big picture of how important is for the gays all around the world to at least know that some gay people have the chance to form a stable family and have children of their own. Given time, you won’t have to be an Elton John or a Ricky Martin to consider the idea. And by the way, for the haters, don’t worry; for one Elton John there are plenty of homophobic billionaires out there who work each and every day for to take away each and every right we could possibly have.

  14. SKOC211 says


    Honey, I’ve been hearing for the past three years that Gaga’s fifteen minutes are almost up. “Born This Way” broke all kinds of records and “Judas” just became her ninth top ten song. Her HBO special in two weeks is going to be huge, as his her new album which comes out in a month.

    As for the woman who went into cardiac arrest at the Gaga concert? It happened during the opening act.

    She didn’t even get to see Gaga perform.

  15. says


    dude there is something seriously fishy about that story

    5 minutes without blood flow = oxygen flow to the brain

    less than 5 minutes and there is some brain cell death

    5 minutes is getting into brain stem death , not fully but right there on the edge and brain stem death means autonomic systems

    the person, if true, wouldn’t necessarily be a vegetable but would be half a vegetable 😛

  16. ratbastard says

    II’m not a Lady GaGa fan and sometimes mock her, but I don’t know what she’s like as a private individual and she may well be a perfectly honorable person and make a good God Parent. God knows she has the financial resources.

    My problem with E.J. + Mr. E.J. is they’re too old to parent a child IMHO. I understand they’ll be raised by nannies, but they still are his parents, and I don’t think it’s emotionally or psychologically healthy. Sometimes it has to be done [grand parents caring for their grand children when mom can’t,etc.,] but it shouldn’t be encouraged to be deliberately done. Of course, the child won’t want financially and will have the best of opportunities and connections in life.

  17. Tanner Vale says

    @Rowan: You covered a lot of ground in that incoherent post of yours.

    I don’t honestly care about closeted celebrities. If they want to come out, fine, if not, whatever, it’s their private life, they can choose to make the details known or unknown.

    I have no idea what you’re talking about Elton John facing the “Christian Brigade” or whatever, that part just makes no sense.

    Look, if he wants to have a kid, fine. If he wants to show it off, whatever. Making a damn star-studded spectacle out of the whole thing is repulsive, and it would still be responsible if you swapped Elton and David with Ashton and Demi or Brad and Angelina or whoever. A child is not something you parade around the world, it’s a person that will grow up in your image.

    Someone said that I didn’t take gay child rearing seriously. The truth is that I take it VERY seriously, and it doesn’t seem like these two do.

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