1. Bryan says

    There have always been Christians who attempt to focus on the life of their prophet rather than his death by torture, but somehow they all go on kneeling in front of the torture device just the same. The death of the hero is what makes his life significant.

    Matthew Shepard’s cultural value is his martyrdom. We know his name because in being a child who was brutally and tragically murdered by bigots he embodied an archetype. His family and friends remember his life. For the rest of us, “Matthew Shepard” is a metaphor, a cultural trope, an avatar: the embodiment of a principle.

    There’s nothing wrong in focusing on his death. Doing so has achieved enormous good.

  2. ratbastard says

    Yes Bryan, the end justifies the means, right? Don’t let any ‘Tragedy’ go to waste, right? Sacrifices have to be made or allowed to occur to further the common goal and for the common good, right?

  3. Hue-Man says

    The Matthew Shepard Story (2002) is being shown again on OutTV in Canada tomorrow night (Thursday). I only watch the parts about his life which was fascinating by itself; his horrifying death and the devastating loss to his family are unbearable.

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