Photo: Julianne Moore as Hillary Clinton


She's set to play Sarah Palin in the upcoming HBO film Game Change, but last year Moore was going to play Clinton in a different HBO film called The Special Relationship which aired in May.

BlackBook reports that the film was about "the ties that bound former US President Bill Clinton to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair."

Moore backed out due to scheduling conflicts and Hope Davis filled the role, but not before this cast portrait was photographed. What a pair this and the Palin portrait will make.


  1. Luc says

    There is too much depth in Moore’s eyes to play Hillary…her eyes are dead…and Moore’s smile is too sincere.

  2. Rick says

    Julianne Moore is so cute. But I’ll never forgive her for that stupid accent she tried but failed to accomplish on 30 Rock.

  3. scar2 says

    She left the project so she could do ‘The Kids Are All Right’instead, which I’m thankful for.

  4. says

    DevinJGray and Luc’s comments are the exact opposite of each other.

    I agree with Rick, although I will always love her in Far From Heaven and Boogie Nights.