1. says

    He probably believes that he can BUY his way into the White House, just like he does everywhere else. He will step on anyone and everyone that gets in his way. I truly doubt he has anyone researching in Hawaii, but, if he does, and the results weren’t to his benefit, he will quietly drop it. His belief is Plutocracy, not Democracy. He is for the rich and powerful, not the common man. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and knows no other life, especially that of the poor or middle class. His craziness fits right in with the teabaggers. He and Bachmann would make great running mates!!!

  2. Ken says

    I truly hate this guy. What I find interesting is that the candidates embraced by the teabaggers are the candidates who have zero in common with them. You know that, in his heart, Trump views the teabaggers as nothing but white trash – which they are, so I guess Donald and I agree on something.

  3. nick says

    DT-we want to see your bankruptcy papers -for the 2 times you have declared.
    And while you are at it-be sure and show the fundies you are going to need to get you to the top of the elephant pile-your divorce decrees-they will need to make sure you aren’t a polygamist.

  4. says


    3 bankruptcies. Trump’s 3rd bankruptcy was in 2005


    Yeah, LOL the surprise they are experiencing is in the reality of it

    Trump is currently polling at #2 spot amongst the repub party that has been hijaked by the mad hatter’s tea party. OY

  5. JTlvr says

    What the hell is he talking about? Why are these looney toon Teabaggers and birthers allowed to continue with this nonsense?

    What could Trump’s so-called (if true) PIs uncover that the CIA, FBI and Secret Service haven’t?

    Do you really think they don’t vet presidential candidates for authenticity and/or eligibility? C’mon…

  6. woodroad34wo says

    For someone who built his empire on real estate in New YOrk, there has to be something dubious and illegal in his background that can be exploited, as well. Let’s send an investigator after his saggy ass. This is not a “pure as the driven snow” kind of guy….more like a “purile as yellow snow” kind of guy.

  7. Red says

    Why does the media continue to allow Trump to spew out this nonsense? Why do they take his crap seriously? He is a narcissistic loudmouth and an idiot not worth any airtime. Shame on these “news” organizations who are falling all over themselves to get him on their programs and calling it an “exclusive”. He’ll talk to a crack in the sidewalk if it gets him publicity.

  8. says

    This is the problem with “single-issue” folks. Once the whole birther movement passes (which I’m convinced it will, because it really is so trivial, not to mention unfounded), what does Trump have to stand on? Bankruptcies and divorce with no real political experience.

    I actually do hope that he spends his $600M or whatever godawful amount he bragged about the other day. And I hope it works as well for him as it did for Meg Whitman.

  9. walter says

    rather than talk substance he would rather dig
    for garbage to inflame the situation. trump creates smoke to cover his own short falls 3 marriages and as many bankruptcies. these are great qualities for a president. he needs to use this to keep people from looking at him to closely and appeal to the teabaggers of the repuk party.

  10. Daya says

    Hmmmm… Trump claims to be a “tea-bagger”… will someone PLEASE tell him what that means :-) oh, and do it on national TV so we can see his response…

  11. MichaelJ says

    “White trash” is a term that should be reserved for self-serving a**holes like Donald Trump. And why the f**k should the media be giving him a platform for his crap?

  12. Jake says

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss this blowhard, grandstanding nut-bag. The Republican base is filled with ignorant, easily mislead sheep who are quick to vote against their own interests. Remember, they voted W in twice and just look what the current congress is trying to do to its base. There really should be a minimum IQ requirement to place a vote in this country.

  13. says

    He calls himself smart then goes on to say he’s confounded why no one can find Obama’s birth certificate. There are laws to who can obtain someone’s birth certificate; no one can get someone else’s birth certificate except the person and its immediate family. Everything in that interview has be baffled how he has been so successful.

  14. Regularkid says

    This guy makes P.T. Barnum look like a shrinking violet. Obviously, he has no intention of ever running and could care less about Obama’s birth certificate. THis is all about publicity for him and his show (which is pretty entertaining btw).

    Why does the TOday show run with it? Because its NBC! duh.

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