1. TampaZeke says

    Awesome family! Awesome dad!

    My favorite line from the awesome kid was, “For some reason they felt the need to take time out of their day to ruin mine!”

    That should be made into a bumper sticker!

  2. Chuck says

    A REAL father and mother raising a well-adjusted, happy son. For all those that went out of their way to ruin your day, you paid them back by making mine better.

  3. sparks says

    Attention Parents: THIS is how to act if you want to substantially reduce the chance that your kid ever becomes a gay suicide statistic.

    Sweet family.

  4. redball says

    Nikko, you’re a d0uche nozzle. You do realize that it’s likely the young man will come to this page b/c his video is here? You are contributing to the bullying plague in this country. He’s clearly a courageous guy and you are just a coward typing behind an anonymous username.

  5. TNbud says

    FU, nikko. There’s not much difference in you & the kids doing the bullying. As i recall my voice was still changing at his age too. He’s a beautiful boy and they are a beautiful family.

    And Mathias, if you do happen to come here & read these comments, i’d like you to give both of your parents a huge hug from me….when my parents found out i was gay my Dad said, among many other things, that he’d rather have a dead son than a gay son. Even tho that was 30 yrs ago (i’m 47) and he’s been dead several years…when i think of my Dad that’s the first thought that comes to my mind….not the fun times we had when i was little….not the few times he ever told me he was proud of me…the first thing that comes to mind is his cold voice, “boy i’m tellin you right now, i’d rather have a dead son than a gay son.”

    I hope you know how extremely lucky you are to have two awesome, wonderful, loving parents. Thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Reagan says

    Thank you all for your kind comments…Mathias has been reading them all and is amazed at the outpouring of support as are we. The “I’m From Driftwood” crew were wonderful young men and we are thankful we were able to host and meet them. We gladly share our story…we love Mathias and are so very proud of him. He has taught us so much about bravery and grace in the face of ignorance and cruelty. We are following his good lead! Thank you all for taking the time to watch our story!

  7. Mathias O. says

    Hello there everyone, this is Mathias. I just wanted to tell you all how deeply touched my parents and I were after seeing all of the comments you posted. It’s so astonishing to see what one little video can do over a week, and I can’t tell you how much it pained me as-well as my Dad to hear your story TNBUD, and I wish I could tell you something profound (or at least funny) to make you feel better… but I seem to be lacking in that department at the moment. But I can say this, there are lots of kids, teens, and adults that have unfortunately suffered the painful wrath of society’s ignorance, which is why my family is trying so hard to get the message out that the time for hate is over! The fact that I was born into a family that is so loving & understanding is still a wonder to me. Where I live it’s unusual to have parents that are still together, so the fact that they love me for what so many think is wrong is remarkable! I want all of you to know that I have and will continue to raise my odd voice to this at my school so kids that don’t have it as good at home have somewhere to go where they at least feel like they are safe. Know that your support only enforces the fact that LGBTQ people are not abominations, but people just like anyone on this big planet of ours! So keep you heads up good people! We’re going to beat this one rainbow at a time! With much love & and even greater respect, Mathias A. Oliver.
    Posted by: Mathias O. |

  8. marlene says

    The Olivers are dear friends of ours, and I must say that this video makes me even prouder to know and love them. Congratulations on raising a well-adjusted son in a society that can be so cruel. You are an inspiration.

  9. Susan says

    Mathias, you are a breath of fresh air and a wonder to us all. You are teaching all of us how to be strong in the face of adversity. We, too, are good friends of you and your family and we were very moved by the video. We are more moved by the collective action of you and your family for the rights of all! Much love.

  10. says

    Mathias, all I can say is that I am also proud of your parents for having such a deep understanding of your situation and for being so supportive to you. A lot of situations like yours do not get appreciation from the closest people to them. You are one lucky person to have such wonderful parents standing by your side through thick and thin. I also have a brother who is gay but my parents just ignore him. They don’t say anything negative about him but the fact that they keep their silence at all circumstances signifies something that does not make me feel good.

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