Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla Says She Would Not Oppose Court’s Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

When Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla was elected in February 2010 she was adamant about her belief in "traditional" marriage, but clarified those remarks this week by saying she would not oppose a court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

Chinchilla The Tico Times reports:

Two gay couples, as part of the Diversity Movement, asked a Costa Rican court Monday to be married in a civil union, drawing attention to the issue.

Chinchilla made the statement during the last day of her visit to California, as part of a 6-day visit to the United States. The Latin American leader noted during her campaign for president in 2009 that she was a supporter of traditional marriage. She maintains that belief. However, she qualified the issue by saying that if a Costa Rican court allowed gay couples to marry, Chinchilla would not oppose the decision.

"There are complex issues that require us to prioritize, such as employment or security," Chinchilla said. "Obviously, if there is a decision of a court of law, we could not object to it."

New Costa Rican President Wants to Protect Marriage from Gays [tr]



  1. gustavo says

    I wouldnt claim victory yet. The same court has rejected prior applications in the past. And one of the highest courts in the land (The constitutional arm of the Costa Rican Supreme Court) ruled against it also. Thought they suggested to the National Assembly to provide a legal framework for civil unions.

  2. bandanajack says

    i wouldn’t bet the farm, but since i have been scouting CR for the better part of year as a place to take my aging butt to spend the rest of my years as an expat, it seems to me that the nay votes were against putting marriage/civil unions up for a VOTE. most observers agree marriage would fare better in the relatively liberal/center legislature. her election, given her stated “pro marriage” stance did not please such pro gay forces as there might be in CR, which has a very catholic dominated population, but not stridently so. it is a very laissez faire country regarding gayness, out of sight out of mind. i will gladly stand corrected if someone with more experience does not concur

  3. George F says

    Something very good is bubbling in most of Latin America regarding gay rights… Chile,Colombia,Uruguay,Mexico,Brazil, Peru and now Costa Rica could follow at any time Argentina’s progressive step towards LGBT equality…YAY!

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