1. JDB says

    Jesse is a common enough name for both males and females, though you’d think the kyron typist would have realized that the lack of an “i” in Jesse is usually indicative of a male’s name.

  2. Rowan says

    Oh come on.

    He is hardly unknown. But he is part of Ari Emmanuels stable of avatars so wouldn’t be surprised if ala Entourage they wrote his name like this on purpose.

    Like is said, funny who they chose to attend eh?

    Ferguson was like a gift aid for all their red hot blooded celebs attending.

    With Colfer, well it’s Colfer so they can’t get away with this.

  3. says

    I guess “Diva” would have been worse.

    Jesse deserves better, particularly since he’s the rare gay Hollywood actor who has a beard on his face instead of on his arm.

  4. BC says

    Homophobic news station!! This is a complete outrage!! How dare we sit by and let this happen time and time again.

    Oh wait, this WASN’T done by Fox News? Oh, that’s why you are all so forgiving and think it’s so funny. Oh, I get the joke. Gays only attack Fox. Ok. Good.