1. says

    I dunno. I can only shake my head. If it were paint it would be more understandable but to ink one’s self to such an extent seems detrimental. Yeah its cool ‘for fifteen minutes’. You have to wonder if the guy hasn’t ‘painted’ himself into a corner career-wise. A job as Tattoo Man in a Ringling Brothers circus seems the limited option.

  2. Dev says

    Oh, look, someone different! He must be evil, diseased, and mentally ill! Hide the children!

    You want to know the reason why equality is so hard to reach? Look no further.

  3. redball says

    My initial reaction was kinda negative, like some of those above. But then I remembered: Just like gay sex and gay marriage, what he did makes him happy and hurts no one! My new Golden Rule….

  4. Ricco says

    To each their own. Personally, I find him to be damn sexy . . . which is not something I could say about all the hundreds of thousands of little sheep that are trying so damn hard to become Abercrombie and Fitch zombies.

    Rick Genest looks ten times hotter and sexier in a tux then anyone I ever saw in an Ambercombie and Fitch ad . . . or a Calvin Klein’s clone ad.

    It is sad to me that in our quest to become a society that respects diversity, and celebrates the differences in our society, that we are stripping away as many differences as we can. As we gain more equality for gays in our society, we dilute the sort of individuality that accounts for people like the beautiful and unique Rick.

    Maybe we do not understand what motivates a man like him . . . but it is not important that we do, only that we accept and celebrate his right to express that individuality. And while it may be ones right whether or not to take him to their bed, the fact that his ink is still an issue when it comes to employment only shows, that whatever strides we have made in equality for all people, we are still and ever will be an homogenous society.

  5. ratbastard says

    I like his look. I even find it ‘hot’. But, he’s good looking and cute to begin with [IMHO] so not everyone could pull it off. Also, it [the ink] is not going to age well.

    Mental illness? Yes, I’d have to agree with that. I’d say he has pretty serious mental health issues.

  6. Ben says

    “Can’t wait to see what he looks like when “Zombie Boy” turns into “Zombie Grandpa”.”

    People always say this, and I never understand.

    The skin of most geriatric people is not pretty. He will be no different.

  7. Lexxvs says

    I remember watching a report about how some inmates at a jail began to tattoo the white of their eyes –yes, creepy and disgusting and obviously painful- to look scarier and in their own words, to avoid being molested… at least they said they got that.
    I imagine this guy won’t need that eyes tattooing procedure though. But hey, maybe he just didn’t realize as yet.

  8. redebbm says

    I’m not a tattoo person personally, but its just lovely how some of you think something must be wrong with him since he decided to cover himself in ink. You don’t even know him. I would like people to stop assuming things about the gay community but how are we suppose to do that if we ourselves don’t try to understand those who are different from us.

    His tattoos in my opinion are know different that bodybuilding, or piercing or fashion. As humans we tend to want to take control of our bodies and differentiate it from the general population. This is a good thing. This man is dedicated, he sacrificed so much to do this and all some of you can do is be negative, go look in a mirror.

  9. Mark says

    I think he is absolutely beautiful and his tattoos are incredible. My partner is very tattooed, though not to this degree, and it’s amazing how much a part of the person the tattoos become–inseparable. I understand it’s not everyone’s taste, but I think it’s incredibly hot, sexually, and beautiful, artistically. I’m sure I’m not alone.

  10. says

    I agree with the poster above that said “he’s beautiful”. It’s his body to do with as he pleases, and not one of us can look into his mind to say why he’s done it, though most of you seem inclined to speculate.

  11. Ricco says

    For all you people that like to harp on about how he is going to look, with all that ink, when he gets old I would like to point out that many people when they get old are not out winning beauty contests and are not making the cover of “100 most beautiful people,” so actually a pretty irrelevant remark . . . as well an uninformed one because actually when people are as extensively tattooed as this man is their skin actually looks better.

    You are thinking that the lines will droop and sag and while that is true the thousands upon thousands of lines on this man’s body are impossible to take in all at once, so actually the beauty of the art work is retained, and the individual actually looks better then other old folks out there who are sporting liver spots.

    His eccentricity will actually accentuate with age. AND ONE MORE THING . . . why do people idiotically assume that one has to be mentally ill to be inked so heavily?

    Frankly, as a society I think there is something off kilter that everyone works overtime to look like everyone else. It is not Rick and people like him who are necessarily mentally not all there but the rest of societies little clones.

  12. Marvin says

    It’s so easy to categorize anything that deviates from the norm as mental illness/disorder. Why not consider the act a form of artistic expression? If this was done as a painting of a person with the full body tattoo, no questioned ask it would be considered art. Don’t forget that the skin is an artistic medium, and tattoos are an artistic expression. You haven’t talked to the guy or have met him personally, please don’t pretend to have a medical degree.

  13. Shannon says

    1. He obviously sick in the head or an IDIOT to do some dumb crap like this…where is his family??
    2. Errrrr…..he looks better with ink on second thought!….lol

  14. Tara says

    I work as an RN on a acute inpatient psychiatric unit right outside NYC. I love my job and have had the privilege of trying to help care for many, many mentally ill people over the past nine years. One of the very first things we do when someone new arrives at our floor is perform (as gently and stress free as possible) a full body check to ensure the person doesn’t have any injuries that need attending to that might’ve been missed in the ER or that they aren’t trying to bring in any contraband. No, we don’t do cavity checks, thank goodness. Anyway- I see everyone naked!! That means I’ve seen all the tattoos and absence of same. I have to say that there really are not tattoos among the mentally ill than among the general population. Really. We have a few people with sleeves or half sleeves, maybe a back piece, lots of tramp stamps, sure, but nothing different then you would see walking down any street in any town anywhere in the country. Paranoid patients are actually less likely to have anything done, depending on the age at which psychosis started, because they’re often afraid that the tattoo ink contains tracking materials.
    That’s what they’ve said about mine, anyway…

    I also think that this gentleman’s tattoos bring out his cheekbones amazingly. Hee.

  15. Scot says

    I would like to meet this guy. I’d like to spend hours tracing his tatoos. Does anybody here know him? IS HE STRAIGHT/GAY?I’ve never been into ink yet I think he awsome.
    One thing though, I’ve NEVER seen him smile and that seems kind of sad.

  16. Paul R says

    I’ve seen two interviews with him, and he comes off as a bright, sweet guy. Many negative responses here seem based on the notion of Oh, he’s so weird, how will he ever fit in/get a job/whatever? Obviously he must be insane to deviate from social norms and live like this.

    Guess what? He’s probably always felt like an outsider and obviously doesn’t care about getting a standard job and living a conventional life. And while I doubt anyone will be talking about him in, say, five years, I bet he now has an agent and is fielding requests for all sorts of appearances and advertisements.

    As for those claiming he must be mentally ill, the American Psychiatric Association categorized gays as such less than 40 years ago. Obviously he’s “different,” but you should know better than to judge a book by its cover. Maybe he was abused in his youth and doesn’t trust people, so this is a barrier he uses. Maybe he is mentally ill–does that mean he should be mocked or maligned? Maybe he just really likes tattoos.

    He’s been homeless for long periods and clearly doesn’t care about fitting into society. I don’t find that inherently admirable, but I also don’t find it a reason for scorn. We don’t know him.

    As for his orientation, the accounts I’ve seen indicate that he’s straight. But again, who knows. I think it’s hilarious that a high-end couture designer used him in ads. As someone else said, it’s nice not to see the same homogeneous faces everywhere.

  17. says

    I’m always amazed at the judgmental nature of many readers of this site. I think he looks amazing. Not everyone wants a career in the city and not everyone wants to fit in with the crowd he wanted tattoos and got them so well done him. Why on earth would anyone assume he’s mentally ill? Because he dares to stand out from the crowd? So many people are brainwashed into mundanity & conformity.

  18. Tara says

    After reading my comment that I posted while half asleep, I fear I may have given the impression that I do think he’s likely to be mentally ill. I do not. I think he’s a very dedicated artist whose chosen canvas is his skin and media is tattoo ink. Not everyone’s cup of tea, certainly, but neither is an empty room with a lightswitch or a dead cow in a tank of formaldehyde. Hell, if people want to start debating what is and isn’t art I’ll start having painful flashbacks to college ( or preferably Ab Fab and Eddy’s father laid out in the living room amongst her collection of “art”)

    He probably delights in the surprise people get when he opens his mouth and people find him to be warm and intelligent and engaging as opposed to standoffish and menacing. Smiling in photos might ruin the lines of the teeth and mandible tattoos though, maybe that’s why those photos are rare?

  19. theotherlee says

    I would never go the route he took with the ink. I have a single tattoo on my right shoulder, and that’s sufficient for me.

    What he chooses to do, himself, is obviously his business, and if it makes him happy, who the hell are we to nay-say him, or accuse him of mental illness? As someone else already pointed out, we in the gay community have had to deal with being accused of mental illness due to our sexual orientation. Shame on you all that stated that he must be “sick” to express himself in such a manner.

    Personally, I think he’s hot.. and yes, by all accounts, he is straight, but that doesn’t take him out of my fantasies… And, truth be told, I’d really like to see the rest of him. I’ve always seen him in long shorts… does anyone know if the ink goes below the waist-line? 😛


  20. says

    Just the fact that he loves to do something that is not the norm, doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill. Gay people don’t wanna be judged but in the same time we’re so judgmental…

  21. says

    Assuming he’s not mentally ill is just as unfounded (and amateur doctor-ish) as assuming that he is, without any direct evidence. I do think it’s fair, however, to *speculate* (not conclude) that he may be mentally ill. Body modification is an ancient and enduring practice and is not, in and of itself, an indication of mental illness. But, considering the extreme degree to which he’s taken his body modification (relative to the generally accepted kinds of body modification in his culture of origin), I think it’s fair to ask — if not diagnosable mental illness, what kind of psychic pain and alienation could lead a person to transform his appearance so completely? I personally find it difficult to believe that the substitution of gruesome imagery for the entirety of one’s physical appearance is the result of a healthy relationship to oneself and the world, or the culmination of some sort of artistic vision.

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