1. Terry says

    Wow. This has got to be one of the best arguments I’ve heard on the issue. Very well put. Thank you, Steve Simon. Run for Congress!

  2. walter says

    a guiding light in a very dark state. but unfortunately the rpuks won’t get the message and will push ahead to stamp gay civil rights. wait till the archbishop sees this speech he will swear it is not what god wants.

  3. says

    you had better WERK! :-)

    nicely stated, for those out that that still think that “God”-beliefs have anything to do with legislature, but well stated.

    and of course the vote was along party lines. of COURSE it was.

    shame on the GOP.

  4. Eric26 says

    The problem is that many homophobic people don’t believe that homosexuality is God-given or innate, which means Steve Simon’s speech is completely lost on the only people that need to hear it.

  5. AJ says

    YES!! GO STEVE!! I happen to live in his area of Saint Louis Park, too. I swear this is NOT going to fly here in MN. I’m not being stupid or naive, I can feel the tide turning. Not that each individual state changing this or that constitution is the real battle. The real battle is in the FEDERAL courts. But it’s still refreshing to hear his words; especially when I live in his area.

  6. Roberto says

    I cant believe God and the Devil are part of the US Constitution and part of this debate. Its silly to call superior powers to define whats right from wrong.

  7. amaezm says

    I live in uptown AJ, and I know that in our area, this will not fly (if people vote..)

    but up in central MN? St Cloud is a very racist/homophobic/bigoted area…

    I am hopeful, but not naive. I would love for MN to be the first state that this goes to a vote that denies a statute like this.

  8. Evan says

    Eric is completely right. They think the whole gay thing… or “homosexual thing” as they put it – is a CHOICE.

    This speech falls on deaf ears.

  9. Steve says

    I grew up in MN. We all know that the more active and vocal contingencies typically win these kinds of battles, yet do not represent the majority of opinion.

    This is the most sane and concise argument I think I’ve ever heard from a politician. Not all ears can be deaf to this logic. It’s about time someone says what Mr. Simon said. Hopefully, at least some folks will take a moment to think about his words.

    Bravo, Mr. Simon.

  10. matt says

    Just wonderful!!!! @ Evan, it may have fallen on deaf ears in that room but through the power of technology, his message will be spread worldwide. And who knows, it may change a couple of people’s minds. I know I posted it to my facebook. We should all post it.

  11. AJ says

    I sent him an email to thank him, as I am one of his constituents. He sent back a reply about us being on the right side of history. Bravo, Steve!

  12. jamal49 says

    What a wonderful, reasoned, compassionate, logical speech! This should be required reading or listening in every state legislature, in every classroom, even on the floor of the U.S. Congress. It is amazing that Minnesota once was considered one of the most progressive of states, so much so that the great liberal, Democratic senator, Hubert H. Humphrey, was sent time and again to represent Minnesota in the U.S. Senate. In a generation, MN has gone from the light into the dark netherworld of republican hate politics. The religious right will be the destruction of us all if we don’t stop them everywhere and anywhere.

  13. Bill says

    What a great speech and right on point. Thanks Rep. Simon for your thoughtful perspective. People in your district are lucky to have you represent them.

  14. TyInTenn says

    Lord forbid that anyone applaud him because the guy with the stick up his ass would get bent out of shape. This guy had it together right from the start. So direct, yet so refined. If he got through to at least one of the anti-gays, he’s made a forward move.

  15. Gary says

    I’m glad he supports equality, but frankly, I don’t see how it matters if its a choice or not. The bottom line to me is, it doesn’t hurt anybody, doesn’t hurt society, so therefore, the govt. need not discriminate.

  16. just_a_guy says

    I applaud him. He’s a good guy. Too many politicians just are not. I don’t see a problem with his argument, and it’s far more articulate than ANYTHING you here coming out of too many other states like this where the legislators on our side STAY SILENT while it all goes down.

    Way to stand up for what’s up right, dude. Karma ought to do you well for this…even if u didn’t win politically. This time. Yet.

  17. mike says

    brilliant!!!! wonderful that just made me feel great something to neutralize the nasty hate videos i spent too much time watching today.

  18. Tim says

    @ AJ- I was there on Monday when he spoke. The room had been quiet for the whole process up until he spoke. Collectively, and instinctualy, we applauded. Tomorrow night at 6pm room 200 is the ways and means committee meeting. if it passes there then it moves to the floor.

  19. Tim says

    Friend me on Facebook if you want me to let you know how it goes tim salyers MN

  20. AJ MacBean says

    I have to say Mr. Simon’s speech is really touching at the same time true. But remember it’s hard to argue with people who strongly believe otherwise. I’m sure they will have get back statements like “How can He say that God created them? God does not create immoral people” or “Gay is not God’s work, it’s of the devil’s”. Sometimes I think of gay people as disciples, being tortured by people because they speak of God’s truth but others won’t believe them. I really don’t understand why they still don’t believe that being gay is not a choice. This is quite old but states a simple fact “When did they have a decision to turn gay or straight?”

  21. Kevin says

    How many serial killers does God have to create…
    How many pedofiles…
    How many alcoholics…