Towleroad Guide to the Tube #899

DAVID BOIES AND TED OLSON: A Cato Institute panel earlier this month on The Case for Marriage Equality.

JUSTICE: The band's new video for "Civilization".

AMERICAN PIE: Grand Rapids, Michigan responds to Newsweek article calling it a "dying city" with a massive, record-breaking lip dub that cost $40,000.

FRIDAY: Oberlin College's president and other top-level school officials parody Rebecca Black to honor graduating seniors at their commencement dinner.

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  1. woodroad34 says

    That Grand Rapids lib dub was wonderful! What a complicated production. Grand Rapids was the city where I went to my first gay bar (3 Sons + 1 on Division) and where I moved to for 6 months to hold onto a boy friend.

  2. says

    OMG, that’s hysterical. I grew up in Grand Rapids, and actually know some of those people. But honestly, it’s not nearly that exciting.

  3. says

    Its where I experienced my first gay bar too! Club 67 and then Diversions. NYC is my home now, but I have so many fond memories of visiting Grand Rapids during my college years.

  4. matt says

    I’m a cranky cynic and pretty much over the lip dub video fad but I’ve gotta hand it to Grand Rapids. Great job! Almost brought tears to my eyes.