1. Joe says

    what a shame. that is the shittiest style to import to a country of good taste. poor French.

  2. New-new says

    Wow, there’s a couple of people of color in the group. Surprising for Abercrombie & Fitch.

    I still wouldn’t touch their clothes. They make clothes for aging gay men who are trying to grasp at youth that they no longer have and high school brats.

  3. ichabod says

    I’ll take the adonis on the far right, please. Don’t wrap him, I’ll just wear him out…

  4. Matt26 says

    @Ichabod, yeah, guy on the far right has a beautiful body.
    I love Paris, the city of love.

  5. Paul R says

    @New-New: you took the words out of my mouth with the comment about aging gay men and A&F. It’s sad herd/sheep behavior. Go out in the Castro and you’ll see dozens of guys wearing the exact same t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hoodie. Yuck. I have no idea what they’re thinking is sexy or impressive about being a clone.

    The only thing I like about A&F is seeing obviously straight guys walking around with one of the chain’s amusingly homoerotic bags. The first and only time I’ve been in one of the stores was in the mid-90s, and I couldn’t believe anyone would pay $75 for a bland button-down shirt of incredibly poor quality.

  6. mld says

    Nice to see healthy looking men in Paris. So many Parisian men are still into that weak pale gray emaciated smoker look, I mean lifestyle.

  7. PS says

    I’m not a big fan of A&F. But people can wear whatever they want, I guess. I never liked A&F because they put more emphasis on the brand name than the style. They’re not fashion forward at all, and their clothes are way overpriced. (But since I shop almost exclusively at American Apparel, I probably shouldn’t be criticizing anyone for buying overpriced clothes).

  8. tominsf says

    These bodies are a lot more impressive in front of a store in a U.S. city than in Paris. After all, the average American male passerby is overweight or obese and slouches. In France, the average Frenchman of that age doesn’t have a much worse body than these models.

    Meanwhile, it’s hard to condemn the average twenty-something for wanting to follow the herd. It’s just human nature. Pity that the instinct is to go for the low-quality and uninteresting stuff, though.

  9. Sargon Bighorn says

    Oh youth and beauty, enjoy it while it lasts. In too soon a time it all disappears. Bear in mind, 65% of Americans are over weight, not so with the French. This body type probably seems more common there, while here in the States it’s considered the exception.

  10. sparks says

    All I see is the same shaved-plucked-cookie-cutter look, multiplied twenty times and dipped in different colors. How incredibly boring.

  11. Jerry says

    I’m in France on a fairly regular basis…just two weeks ago, and I can tell you that this is NOT a common body type there. They are a fairly thin and fit people, but not a lot of gym monkeys walking around like this. I am continually surprised at how Starbucks average blah coffee has taken off there, so maybe AF is just what they’re looking for?

  12. FunMe says

    PAUL R you bring out some good points. I always wondered for us gay for being so “original”, some of us end up being just FREAKING CLONES.

    So much for gays having creativity and originality.

  13. T says


    The average Frenchman doesn’t have a body even close to this. Most French are quite thin, yes, but they are nowhere near as fit and healthy as these guys.

  14. MadM@ says

    I always had to hand it to the company, they could get guys to proudly work in their stores for barely over minimum wage because they call their sales clerks “models”

    I’m surprised they’re expanding though, last I heard they were getting bankrupt

  15. craig says

    Whaaaaa…black and arab models used for an Abercrombie promotional event..I’d say bravo, but then again it’s still A&F we are talking about.

  16. Drew says

    A&F clothes have been the SAME for a decade. No new styles or cuts; they just resell in different colors or add a stripe here and there. I do love my A&F pants/jeans from many years ago, though… they are really durable and currently way overpriced for me to replace.

  17. gregg says

    How about a little diversity! No long hair, tattoos, or height differences?? Even the jeans have the same identical wear spots!!

  18. Drew says

    PS – The irony of A&F is that their CEO is perhaps one of the most unattractive men God has created. Just pointing it out since well, A&F hates ugly people. Google “A&F CEO” to see what I mean.

  19. Joey Y says

    I don’t wear A&F personally, but I also don’t make it a habit of saying that anyone who chooses to wear their brand is “pathetic” or anything else. Sadly, more tired gay losers doing nothing but lambasting other gay people they’ve never met based on their choice of clothing. Work those stereotypes!

  20. MDL says

    Horrible editing! Couldn’t they linger for more than 0.5 seconds on any one shot? Tacky music too.

  21. HOCKEJOCK says

    While I wouldn’t mind walking by, I agree that yep, it’s pretty damn tacky…but that fits considering it’s A & F. Personally, I think A & F SUCKS. It’s just far too…’blatant adverstisements on crappy clothes for teens!’-chic.

    Also, I blame Parisians. They want their Starbucks and A & F now because they think it gives them both sides of the world – like they have everything Europe AND America has to offer, unlike those other non-Parisian French. It’s like they take for granted the insanely rich tradition the rest of the country preserves. There really is no reason Shitbucks Coffee and A&F should be taking off considering that the coffee and clothes in basically every other café/boutique in the country is better, but that’s what you get in such an international and tourism-oriented city like Paris. The other day I overheard an American tourist here looking at a menu : ‘E? What is E (referring to the €…)? Gosh, I just don’t understand the prices here. Let’s just go to McDonalds’. GROSS.

  22. Henry Holland says

    “Not a chest hair in the bunch! Boring!”


    It reminds me of a song by The Who that’s commenting on Mods:

    It’s easy to see
    That you are one of us
    Ain’t it funny how
    We all seem to look the same?

  23. Toto says

    I can get behind a naked man. I can’t get a sh*tty company that advertises clothing with naked men. :(

    And I’m sorry Andy but the blog’s censoring seems just a wee bit antiquated.

  24. David Jarrett says

    If I buy a couple of A&F drawers, will the model of my choice come over some evening, so I can try the underpants on him? Almost anyone of them would do, as I don’t want to hurt any of the model’s feelings……..

  25. ratbastard says

    I’ll try this again and see if it posts:

    These models DO NOT have the typical Frenchman’s [of teens] body-type, anymore than American. They look like gay gym rats who’ve shaved/waxed their body hair and are into certain substances to maintain their figure.

    Europeans LOVE the American preppy look. They lov[ed] GAP, they love A&F and American Eagle. Even the French, Italians, and Spanish.

    Reminds me of a story: A French couple and their teenage son were visiting America and staying with a relative of mine. They primarily did A LOT of shopping. But the most amusing thing was the teen boy LOVED American food, especially fast-food. One of the last things he did was buy a dozen Dunkin Donuts before leaving for the airport.

    Paris is pretty far north, 10 degrees further north than Montreal. It’s cool/cold, dark, dreary for a good chunk of the year. The long winter months are dismal to the point street lights sometimes stay on all ‘day’ because it’s so gloomy [bear in mind day-break in Paris, in the dead of winter, is around 9AM and the sun [when you can see it]. Needless to say there’s a lot of pale people.

  26. Michael in Toronto says

    Oh man, lighten up. The celebration of male beauty is a GOOD THING, fer chrissakes.