1. RONTEX says

    That was really cool and their voices blend well. I think MIchael has a great sound for country music and Alex is just beautiful, sound and face : P

  2. bandanajack says

    wondrous things are occurring on youtube. there is dreck too, but some fine talent is being polished and exposed there. i have subscribed to two of these guys already, and there are others as good or better.

  3. Richard says

    I really liked the arrangement and their voices! I, however, feel like the medley leaves something to be desired because the best parts of each song aren’t in the medley. C’est la vie–still impressive.

  4. sparks says

    Very much agree with the comments above and think they’re all cute, each in his own way. Don’t know their individual names yet but dude with the glasses is just adorable!

  5. TampaZeke says

    When I watch something like that I remember why I’m so totally and completely gay! God, I LOVE men! Especially ones who can sing and play instruments. So sexy!

  6. John says

    Way too up-tempo for Rolling in the Deep, although Turning Tables sounded great. The beauty and power of Rolling in the Deep is in its slow, methodic, contemplative production…. this ruined the entire spirit of the song. Take out the first third of the song and this would be excellent.

  7. Bradley says

    Beautiful voices… it sounded absolutely amazing. And all three boys are just completely adorable (even if Justin sings out of the side of his mouth, but that’s probably me just channeling all the b*tchiness of classical training…)

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