Marriage Equality Vote Not Yet on Agenda as Legislative Leaders Discuss ‘Framework’ to Wrap Up

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos emerged from a meeting moments ago announcing a "framework" to end the legislative session in Albany that would allow voting on many of the pending bills.

Ny The marriage equality bill was not in that list, but it may yet be addressed, and it is vitally important to keep the pressure on.

UPDATE: The timing on marriage equality looks to be focused toward late Wednesday.

City Room:

But the Senate Republican leader, Dean G. Skelos, said his caucus had not yet decided whether to bring to a vote the most contentious issue facing the Legislature: A bill introduced by Mr. Cuomo and approved by the Democratic-majority Assembly to legalize same-sex marriage in New York…

…“We have not finalized the language in terms of religious protections,” Mr. Skelos said. “That still is being reviewed. This conference meeting was to resolve all the other issues.”

Times Union

“There’s a framework by which we plan to end session,” Silver, D-Manhattan, said. “We will be developing with the conference, over the next several hours, the various areas that are important to close down session and hopefully complete session as quickly as possible.” …

Skelos said there is still no agreement on whether to bring same-sex marriage to a vote in his chamber. The bill passed the Assembly last week 80-63, and has the public support of 31 senators — one shy of the tally needed for passage.

Skelos said “we have not finalized the language in terms of religious protections” some senators are seeking, and as such, a vote has not been scheduled.

Silver said the Assembly is “open to doing amendments” to salve Senate concerns.

Continue to call your Senators. 

New Yorkers, calls these lawmakers, particularly if you are one of their constituents, and urge them to support passage of the bill.


Senator Gregory R. Ball of Putnam County (845) 279-3773

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo Jr. of Suffolk County (516) 882-0630

Senator J. Kemp Hannon of Nassau County (516) 739-1700

Senator Andrew J. Lanza of Staten Island (718) 984-4073

Senator Betty Little of Glens Falls (518) 743-0968

Senator Mark Grisanti of Erie County (518) 455-3240

Senator Stephen M. Saland of Poughkeepsie (845) 463-0840

Senator John Flanagan of Long Island (518) 455-2071

Also, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos' number is 518-455-3171. Call and politely ask him to bring marriage equality to a vote.