BREAKING: Motion to Vacate Prop 8 Ruling Over Judge Walker’s Sexuality is Denied



  1. says

    This only makes logical sense. If we had to recuse everyone whose lives would be affected by the Prop. 8 ruling, we’d have to rule out all gay judges, but all heterosexual ones as well, since allowing gays to marry will redefine the “traditional” definition of marriage, the institution to which they do or can belong.

    Even children would have to be recused since they are a fundamental component in the “family unit” that the Pro-8s are so desperate to preserve with their definition of marriage.

    So then, who’s left?

  2. Abel says

    Does anyone know when they will rule on whether or not the videos of the trial can be made public? I read the transcripts, and it’s obvious that the Prop-8 supporters don’t want them shown because they demonstrate the weakness and laughable nature of their arguments from a legal perspective. This farrago needs to be seen by people. It will provide excellent fodder for defeating the anti-gay bigots.

  3. slippy says

    Tearing down another brick in the wall of inequality. BUT-don’t celebrate too much -if Obama looses to any of these Rethugs who are currently washing the feet of the radical religious right -we’ll suffer thru decades of right wing judges and homophobes being appointed to all levels of government . The 2012 election is the bigger fight!!! Rejoice in this victory but get ready for the upcoming battle of our lives

  4. Francis says

    Good news, and 100% right, Slippy. We have to fight even harder and continue educating the masses now that we’re making gains so we don’t lose them and see any backlash.

  5. irisgirl says

    The lawyers who brought this motion should be sanctioned, at the very least. What a
    f-%$#@-ing waste of time, money and braincells. THEY should recuse themselves!

  6. TIM says

    @ABEL–The Judge stated yesterday that the videos were a gift given to Judge Walker by him and the court so that he didnt see fit to have them given back to the court. The Prop 8 proceeding was the last one judge Walker heard before retiring. The videos were a retirement gift.

  7. RONTEX says

    @ Slippy and Francis…”And so it begins, the great battle of our time”. Gandalf
    This will be one of my families greatest battles in my lifetime and I refuse to sit on the sidelines and pout this election.

  8. Tom says

    “What happens now” is that the Appeals Court is still waiting on the Calif Supreme Court to issue a ruling on standing.

    This was just a side run around the normal appeals process. It’s great that it failed but doesn’t really effect the appeal.

  9. says

    New York will (most likely) grant same-sex marriage before California does. We’re still waiting for the CA Supreme Court to rule that Judge Walker’s ruling is correct. Once that happens, expected before this year is out, then the Anti-same-sex forces will appeal to the United States Supreme Court and that means a final nation-wide ruling won’t take place before 2013 or 2014.

    Many in the California grass roots gay community want another ballot measure be voted on that would grant same-sex marriage believing attitudes have changed in favor of same-sex marriage and would pass. Those in control of CA gay organizations are against another vote fearing another loss.

  10. Abel says

    @Tim, thanks for the info! The videos should be publicly released. The defense’s case was shamefully poor. I honestly think I could have better defended Prop 8 and I don’t agree with it and I’m not a lawyer. Their case was so pitifully handled that it was embarrassing and showed just how poor their arguments were.

    Already I see that NOM is trying to blacken Judge Ware’s name in an attempt to discredit today’s ruling. Those assholes.

  11. PLAINTOM says

    Vote 2012- Think Supreme Court- If anyone thinks the two political parties are anyway equivalent just review the Republican Debate last night in New Hampshire.

  12. mark says

    anybody know if this ruling is downloadable somewhere as a pdf? i’d like to read offline if possible. downloading via scribd seems to be trying to access my facebook account unnecessarily.

  13. Birdie says

    I can’t even believe we still have people who think there’s nothing wrong with what what they’re doing.

    Does this guy also believe every woman should revoke her own right to vote on women’s issues because of room for potential bias?

    Ridiculous – People need to go on with their merry little lives and quit hating so much.

  14. says

    Some of the worst trial tactics I’ve seen in a long time. Olson and Boies will be able to make so much hay out of this in the next round of briefs and arguments. What a bunch of goons.

  15. says

    What’s most bizarre to me is that they can make the claim that Walker had something to gain by the outcome, but a straight judge would be impartial. Then they say the social plus of Prop 8 is that it protects marriage between breeders… something that would be a benefit to a straight judge.

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