Christian Gay Group Asks Pope To Stop Homophobia

One day before the big EuroPride parade in Rome, the European Forum for Christian Homosexuals have presented a letter to Pope Benedict asking him to put an end to homophobia. The AFP news agency reports:

2011lettertothepope "We ask Your Holiness to condemn violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals and to ensure that criminal punishment for sexual relations between people of the same sex are lifted around the world," the letter said. EuroPride is set to bring hundreds of thousands of people into the streets of Rome on Saturday, with its message of defiance to the Italian government and the Vatican amplified by the presence of world-famous singer Lady Gaga. The Vatican's silence on the issue "could be interpreted as approval of the violence," the European Forum for Christian Homosexuals added in the letter. The forum gave as an example the slaying in January of David Kato, a gay activist in mainly Christian Uganda where homosexuality is punished. "In numerous regions of the world, the authors of violence are often persuaded that they act according to the will of the Church," it said.

Further excerpts from the letter:

"We appeal to Your Holiness to reconsider the Church’s position on same-sex and transgender relationships and support these relationships being accepted and blessed in the Church.We appeal to Your Holiness to cease to urge Catholics’ to vote against the law authorising same-sex relationships. Same-sex and transgender relationships are not dangerous for traditional family existence but in fact support and enhance marriage and family values. LGBT people constitute a small percentage of each population, and their number remains constant."

You can read the letter in its entirety here.


  1. Ian says

    While the letter is only a good thing I doubt it will affect any change. The Pope is the worst and most intransigent sort of Homophobe: The self-loathing closeted gay man. He would and has denied gay people their very humanity from fear of his own sexuality and of being perceived of as being gay.

  2. K in VA says

    If these people have time to waste, send them to my house and I’ll put them to work on some chores. For sure, that would be far more productive than trying to get Pope Ratzinger to back off on encouraging prejudice and inequality.

  3. Robert says

    The roman cult will NEVER concede that sexual relations among people of the same orientation will be acceptable. It has already declared that it accepts gay people, as long as they are celibate. It will NEVER change. If anything, this group should demand that all gay priests give up their calling. That would have a far more positive effect and usher in the Vatican’s extinction, an act of charity really.

  4. Texas Law Dog says

    “your Holiness”? pfffft! This man is a former Nazi who built panzer tanks. He is a despicable human being. Why waste your time dealing with him. He is a criminal in my book.

  5. Steven Eldredge says

    Codswallop stole the words right out from under my fingers: pissing in the wind. It gives me the creeps to hear anyone calling that old Nazi closet case “your Holiness”

  6. says

    Mankind continues to evole and grow with each new discovery of knowledge.

    If the Church is to stay relevant moving forward, it is going to have to evolve along with mankind on this matter and many others to be sure.

    If it chooses not to keep up with the ever changing cultural values of the time, than it will become nothing more than a fringe element, with it’s support coming from only the most zealous, and unfortunately most misguided of it’s followers.

    With people leaving the Church in droves over these last 30 years, it’s already beginning to happen.

  7. jomicur says

    @MYTWOCENTS: What on earth do you mean, STAY relevant? The Catholic church hasn’t been relevant to anything but its own Vatican bank since the 14th century.

  8. BobN says

    Five days ago, the Pope visited Croatia and in his homily lamented “the disintegration of the family”. Yesterday, violent protesters attacked the Gay Pride Parade in Split.

    Anyone think that’s a coincidence?

    Don’t ask him to stop all homophobia, just tell him to stop his own.

  9. TampaZeke says

    Great, maybe they can write a letter to the International Imperial Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan to stop racism or to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stop anti-Semitism or to the King of Saudi Arabia to stop misogyny.

  10. Can't Wait For It says

    Better to ask Italy to usurp Vatican City and turn it into a museum.

    I think that is where we are headed. Sanctified superstition is so last millenium!

  11. says

    I don’t think there was any need to mention Lady Gaga (she and LGBT folk do not automatically go together like ice cream and cake), but these people are wasting their time. He has no interest in what they’re saying. Pope Ratzi is a dyed-in-the-wool heterosexist bigot, and Catholic Church bigotry can only get worse under his leadership.

  12. billy wingarden says

    Teh pope who grew up in the Nazi era in germany. who learned his lessons well,, eg he UNexcommunciated a bishop williamson in 2009. Williamson had been kicked out of hte hcurch of england for denying the holocaust.

    to understand the church go to

    A picture is worth a thousand words, the 50 or so pictures there show ua the underpinnings of the nazi regime that cost humanity 50 million people murdered in the worlds worst conflagration.


  13. billy wingarden says

    And this is the church that talks about protecting life.

    Which also does its part to help drive 3000 gay kids to suicide every year, a repeating 9-11

    A problem that one regiment of marines could fix in one day.

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