1. yonkersconquers says

    She’s looking as tired as her dog and pony show these days, isn’t she? Poor the Ann Coulter.

  2. Gregoire says

    It’s a rhetorical question — the cobwebs and stalactites in her womb prevent her from having a baby.

  3. Trev says

    The fact that it took her this long to come up with a snappy comeback shows just how badly she’s slipping.

    She does it to get our goat, of course, so the best we can do is ignore her.

    Now about that Anthony Wiener…

  4. says

    I hate Ann Coulter. If I ever saw her in person and just happened to be holding a cream pie in one hand, I’d know just what to do.

    And … let’s fact it; she’s a comedian. Not a particularly funny one, but a clown for the extreme right wing nonetheless. Technically, she didn’t say, “this is what I’d tell my gay kid;” she’s saying, “this is what I should have said to Piers Morgan.” So, to my mind, it doesn’t quite rise (sink?) to the level of her other, truly hateful, invective.

  5. Rob says

    If my horse told me it was Ann Coulter I’d take off its saddle and send it to the glue factory.

  6. BC says

    OMG she was totally being funny. She has done speeches at gay events. If a liberal would have said this you’d all be laughing. Can’t some comments just be satire? If you all would let down your defensive dramatic guard for one second, you might see that she might be one person who could convince other hard-line conservatives that we aren’t “bad.” She has a lot of respect on the right. She could actually help us out.

  7. SteveC says

    Ann Coulter doesn’t bother me at all. This type of response is part of her schtick. She does it to wind us up. And when we react, she wins. Ignore her.

  8. David in Houston says

    No man on this entire planet would ever have sex with that vile repugnant thing. So there really isn’t any point in asking her the question in the first place. — But, yeah, she’s the poster girl for every conservative homophobic bigot out there. I’m sure her amphibian parents that hatched her are very proud.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    How could ever conceive with all that vagina envy?

    Hey, DANCOBB, you got an insult for Ann Coulter’s race like you did for Tracy Morgan’s? Come on, you must have some dirt on the Aryans? Just think 70 years ago…Nuremberg.

  10. MikeMick says

    If I were her son and she told me I was adopted, I’d be convinced in the existence of a higher being who loved me.

  11. Mike says

    Ann Coulter’s whole game is to try to get a rise out of the left. Her response was obviously a joke, and while it is still offensive, it certainly doesn’t merit a mention on this blog. Once you watch the clip you get it — she’s being her usual ridiculous self — but the way the story is presented here it sounds much worse than it is. A reaction like this is exactly what she is trying to get, so in this case I’d have to say she wins the debate because she accomplished her goal.

    Homophobic views like hers are quickly becoming the minority, and at this point it’s up to us to move on and just start ignoring people like Coulter. Sticks and stones…

  12. hugo says

    She’s not that quick, is she? Took her, what, 3 days to come up with a soundbite for that question? Did she have to call on her writing team for that?

  13. Creative1 says

    If I were here son I would say “Thank god I don’t come for your gene pool.”

  14. Robert says

    She’s an idiot! Classic repubican mindset, no intellectual curiosity, addicted to sound bites as facts, no substance, just like the majority of them in their party, including many of the gay oxymoronic republicans who year in year out, vote a for a party that is not going to do anything for them except take their money while feigning acceptance of them. Sad!

  15. walter says

    to be her son i would want her to kill me . it just goes to prove you stick your head in peroxide long enough it causes brain damage.

  16. Roger says

    I get a great deal of pleasure out of fantasizing about jumping up and down on her body until blood spurts out of every orifice, like Donald Sutherland did to Jackie Earle Haley in “The Day Of The Locust.”

  17. anon texan says

    Moot point! Any child conceived by and born from the loins of Ann Coulter will commit suicide long before he/she ever comes to any sexual orientation realizations.

  18. David J says

    and BC I think you might actually be brain damaged. You should call a doctor NOW.

  19. says

    right-wing gays defend Coulter because doing so helps them believe the lie that their Republican parents aren’t ashamed to have a gay son.

    it’s sad but it’s true.

    and before you guys get all angry at me, just remember: it’s not my fault your parents vote against your Equality as an American citizen.

  20. JEFFREY S YORK says

    So is she saying that people are born this way? I thought she called it a lifestyle.

  21. Rucka says

    Hey BC, her kind of help, we can do without. Gay Republicans make me laugh with their motto “Tread all over me, just don’t tax me”

  22. Gregoire says

    I will say this though — unlike Tracy Morgan, she wouldn’t kill him, just put him into her personal employment.

  23. Troy says

    Help with redecorating the dining room? Oh honey, you should be asking your gay son to help you with a makeover!

  24. bozemanmontana says

    poor Annie – soon she’ll be reduced to setting herself on fire to get any attention.

  25. Kevin Thor says

    Does anyone really care what she says about anything?
    I say begone before someone drops a house on YOU contessa!

  26. Reg253 says

    What kind of message are we sending gay kids who have parents with views like Coulters? “Put a bullet through my head” is worse than what the Cunter said. She’s a clownish idiot and doesn’t give a hoot what we think or say. Someone once told her to wipe her ass, because her tongue was hanging out. Did she care? No. She chuckled.

    Just ignore her and offer hope to those less fortunate (s)he willfully hurts.

  27. chris says

    you have to wonder about those Log Cabin Republicans…why would they bother with people who think like Coulter

  28. Rob says

    So sad. Seriously, it took her DAYS to come up with that??!!! She ain’t what she used to be. The kindest thing would be to ignore her. Hee-Hee, also the cruelest thing.

  29. dancobbb says

    To BC:

    If you think that Ann Coulter and just about ANYONE who regularly appears on ANY cable news channel is interested in genuine political debate rather than “Zingers and Ratings Clips”, then you are as much the problem with America as they are. None of the snappy, insulating, snarky sarcasm that is dished up on cable news channels is serious. The fact is that America has arrived at a point where there is no genuine political debate in the public sphere. It’s all show and demagoguery. No wonder we’re going to hell in a handbasket.

  30. dancobbb says

    Sober political analysis and debate are extinct. Today snarky sarcasm is all that matters. The better zinger makes for the better candidate.

  31. Rick says

    @Little Kiwi Pro football players like Mike Strahan doing ads in favor of marriage equality; major league baseball teams doing “It gets better” spots……while little bitches like Ann Coulter, Maggie Gallagher, and Michelle Bachman attack gay rights out of morbid fear of what will happen if men decide they don’t need women emotionally or otherwise anymore.

    Your world is just crumbling all around you, isn’t it?

  32. Michael says

    Ann is basically like this : Ann why are you such a lunatic? *5 years later*

    Ann: I don’t know *looks around* WTF? Where did everyone go?!

  33. says

    If my mother told me she was Anne Coulter I’d ask to be put up for adoption and to borrow one of her fabulous brown shirts before heading out the door.

  34. Philwin says

    Trev got it exactly right:

    “The fact that it took her this long to come up with a snappy comeback shows just how badly she’s slipping.

    She does it to get our goat, of course, so the best we can do is ignore her.”

    Ann is as pathetic as Rush. A shameless famewhore with no moral compass. Recall Rush’s paraphrased “not carrying water anymore” revelation? They are clowns performing for an uninformed crowd who are not interested in facts.

  35. FernLaPlante says

    She just says things to get media attention. I don’t think she believes half of what she spews. If you stop posting about her she will go away.

  36. Bart says

    She’s trying to sell books. On Fox News this kind of dogshit will help her sell them. Anne Coulter is and always has been one thing: a media whore who craves attention. And like my five year old, she doesn’t care if she has to be bad to get it.

    She’s too dried up to ever have children so she feels no compuntion about what she says in this capacity as long it may sell a book or two, or maybe get her another speaking gig with a hate group as long as there is a check involved.

    If she had any gay relatives, they should ask her why she thinks it is no guy will marry her bony ass. She’s a sorry girl who is perfect for the right wingers because she so ridiculous and over the top, even in appearance, and they have long since lost the ability to discern a legitimate thinker/writer from a cartoon characters.

  37. Just sayin' says

    She’s been feted and celebrated in LA on 790 KABC talk radio by two particular (out) conservative gay talk-jocks. They think her swarmy humor is “cute” & “clever”, and they don’t mind the hate speech one bit. One in particular, John Phillips, is on record as being mostly in agreement with her on various topics.

  38. Phil says

    She’s a show biz entertainer, not a serious political commentator, and she alternates between insulting gay men and insulting Barack Obama. But strangely enough [cue the spooky background music], she has never made a peep about Obama’s birth certificate. How odd. Now concerning her own birth certificate…ahem. Birth certificate from Connecticut? From Georgia? DNA sample, perhaps? Oh, I get it. The haters that she performs for wouldn’t take too kindly to the circumstances of Ann’s birth.

  39. RedOnTheGreg says

    Wouldn’t a Coulter spawn involve some of that man-on-dog sex that Rick Santorum’s so worried about?

  40. scollingsworth says

    And he’d drop down on his knees to give thanks that there actually IS a god now knowing that he didn’t spring from horsey-face’s loins.

  41. Todd says

    Ann Coulter should never have the fortune of being a parent (giving birth to a child). That’s an unfit mother comment if ever I heard one. It’s best this woman never conceive and this segment of the gene pool withers away…hopefully she’ll never marry either will have a lonely partner-less existence.

  42. Rubén says

    Really guys? Your best attacks for Coulter is that she is either transgender or a repressed lesbian? That’s offensive to lesbians and transgender people. How about she’s just a jerk. Better yet, she’s just phony and she’s just out selling a product. That’s probably closer to the truth.

  43. omgann says

    She must be a joke, right? But she isn’t! This is hilarious and weird. It’s so baffling that people like this exist. And that they get lots of air time. Joke? Yes? No? Sigh.

  44. BC says

    The post at 1:59pm is not from the real “BC” – So sick of the games played on this blog. Andy, this blog started as something respectable and has turned into a hating machine. Very sad.

  45. BC says

    DANCOBB – I totally agree with you. Everyone is snarky. But the sad part is that many people who read and comment on this blog will believe ANYTHING said on MSNBC, CNN or even Comedy Central just because it is left leaning. I fully know that these people are entertainers…at least Ann says she’s an entertainer and an author. Not like people on other stations that claim to be “journalists.”

    And my parents are hard core liberals.

  46. gregv says

    I can’t understand what “I’d tell him he was adopted” is supposed to mean, unless she was implying that she will never give birth.

    “Of course, he’d know he was adopted – a man can’t have baby”

    Thomas Beattie gave birth. And if Anne Coulter does have male genitals as some people think, there’s no reason to think her sperm wouldn’t be fertile.

  47. says

    “She has done speeches at gay events.”

    Now you’re being hilarious, BC. She collected a paycheck from a group of delusional Republican gay people who were under the mistaken impression that she’s somehow gay-friendly. She isn’t. She went on TV the day after her little speech and made fun of all the gay boys for being so silly. She’s a con artist, funny only in an unintentional, pathetic way–much like you!

  48. DC says

    Boooooo! Not funny coming from this trollop. I would have laughed if Lisa Lampinelli had said this…

  49. I'm God says

    @Rubén: The commenters on this blog consistently use being gay or trans as an insult (e.g. “he’s a queen,” or “she looks like a man”) if know the person isn’t gay or trans. It’s baffling that a large portion of people frequenting a blog for gay men would write such unproductive comments. I echo what BC said above about this blog’s comment section being a “hate machine” at times.

  50. Bill says

    Boring, tired old hag. Who is her audience anyway? Dumb, white, elderly, douchebags – like her?

  51. Phil says

    @ Ruben and I’m God,

    Mark Foley, Larry Craig and Alan Simpson were all prominent anti-gay Republican politicians until their respective scandals revealed that they were gay. Ruben, the “best attacks” against these closeted haters was not that they were gay. Reasonable people weren’t attacking them because they were gay, but because they were closeted gay hypocrites who used anti-gay politics to make life worse for gay people.

    Exactly the same reasoning applies if Ann Coulter is hiding the fact that she is transgender and then proceeds to build a career based on hate. It is the hate, self-hate and hypocrisy that people are attacking, not the simple fact that someone is gay or transgender. There really is a big difference between the two concepts. Do you see the distinction?

    When Ann painstakingly conceals the circumstances of her birth and childhood, no one would make an issue out of it if she weren’t someone who makes a living out of being a hater. People would regard her birth/childhood/biology as her own personal affair. Make sense?

  52. Bryan says

    Witty. The subtext is of course “if my son was gay I’d reject him and treat him as a stereotype.” The subsubtext is “and when he hangs himself with the belt he thought was cool shopping at A&F, I’ll remove all evidence of him from my life and pretend he never existed.”

    Lovely Ann, so very very lovely… You just shoved 10,000 thirteen year old boy’s faces into a dirty toilet and flushed, while screaming “Pervert! You’re no son of mine!” No doubt you’re proud of yourself.

    Some day you’ll reap what you’ve sown and I’ll be there, watching. With a huge grin on my face. And popcorn.

    She’s a preying mantis. I’ll bet any amount of money she comes watching the death throes of her tiny little mates after she’s bitten their heads off.

  53. Al says

    I’ve read a lot of things by Coulter, and if there’s one thing she’s not, it’s anti-gay. She objects to same-sex marriage, but is probably one of the most pro-gay conservatives in the public eye.

    That said, you have to take into consideration that she’s not a politician or even a serious analyst, she’s like a female Dennis Miller or Bill Maher — a political comedian, basically. Just because you don’t find her entertaining doesn’t really justify some of the awful things people have written here.

    The part that amazes me most is that the left claims to be the “tolerant” party, and yet seem to be full of the most hateful, spiteful, plain mean-spirited people.

  54. Roger says

    Ann Coulter… Priorities… If you had a son and he told you he was Gay… The first thing would be to take care of your over processed hair…. Then consider some wall paper…and decorating.
    Sweetie if it werent for Gay men you would still look like Chris Farley. Ok and well maybe your eating disorder helped a little…

  55. charlie says

    i used to hate this woman…but now i just find her desperate need for attention sad…and yes,,she does’t even have her edge’s barely worth an eye roll.

  56. Rob says

    I’m more offended that Fox doesn’t think it is a mainstream news outlet. Seriously, stop with this whole victim complex- you’re part of the mainstream as much as it pains me to say so.

  57. Marilyn says

    So Ann doesn’t agree with homosexuality and you want to stomp on her body till blood squirts out every… Unbelievable!! You want people to b tolerant of your hate and sicko ideas but u don’t tolerate others legitimate opinions you are a hypocrit!

  58. hanna says

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  59. says

    If Ann Coulter had a son and he heard what she says and how she acts it would be hard to believe he could be straight….. and if he was sadly he would probably grow up to hate women….