1. Dirk says

    I was under the impression that lying was one of those things which Christians are not supposed to do?
    Perhaps Mr. Brown’s confessor gives him dispensation for the lies he tells.

  2. Lucas says

    Well it’s certainly obvious which side Lemon was on. If I were a conservative, I’d be pretty angry that they had a gay guy leading this discussion.

    Then again, there really isn’t a valid “other side” to this issue, so maybe it’s okay.

  3. Matt26 says

    What is the motivation for a straight person to stand against gay marriage? Sth I just don’t understand. When straight couple gets married, I am happy for them, that’s all. Nothing against it.
    Don Lemon is a good looking guy.

  4. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Don Lemon closes saying he hopes the viewers learned something from that segment. The only thing I learned is that Bryan Brown is a nasty, agressive jerk.

  5. Louis says

    Brown is feeling defensive because being an anti-gay bigot is his livelihood and he knows it’s coming to an end!

  6. Pete n SFO says

    And WHY are the opinions, even of New Yorkers, valid in this discussion?

    Do ‘the gays’ ever get to weigh in on the personal rights of others?

    Honestly, I have to mute whenever NOM speaks.
    There’s no re-definition, it’s just Marriage.

  7. John B. says

    The only religious “liberty” that is being infringed by state recognition of same-sex marriage is the “right” to discriminate in civil matters against those who do not share one’s own religious beliefs. How can we get this point across more clearly??? The Catholic church, nor any other religious group, couldn’t get away with discriminating against Jewish, or atheist, or remarried people this way even though all those groups are in supposed violation of their beliefs and teachings, nor could any business owner if those people are in supposed violation of their own personal religious beliefs. It’s bad enough that religious groups want to be above the law while still taking public funds AND being tax-exempt, but they want private individuals and businesses to be above the law as well. (Of course their objections are just a smoke screen for the fact that they are opposed to ANY legal recognition of same-sex marriage, under any circumstances, and there are NO legal protections or exemptions that would satisfy them and get them to support the bill.)

  8. kieran says

    I find it humorous that so many people are looking for an exception in the bill so that they can discriminate against same-sex couples.

  9. b says

    What’s interesting is that more gay anchors (and I’m including Anderson Cooper) are covering gay rights segments. CNN’s Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts.

  10. Jay in SF says

    Hey Lucas – The conservatives seem to always be angry. That said, in an effort to remain fair, Lemon started the conversation with Brown and was going to end it with O’Donnell…but the big mouth managed to get both the first word and the last word. Brown can get as angry as he wants, but if he failed to make his point, it’s not because of Lemon or the format…it’s because of Brown.

  11. jexer says

    I love where Bigot Brian Brown was cut off at the end… right after basically admitting that if marriage equality passes government will recognize them for the bigots they really are.

  12. dolop says

    The more people like Brian Brown talk, the more clear it should be to everyone how non-sensical the arguments against gay marriage really are. Brian Brown’s assertion of that there are huge “unintended consequences” of gay marriage falls completely flat when his best example is adoption agencies pulling out of states/localities. That is not a consequence of same-sex marriage. That is a consequence of narrow-minded bigots who disagree so much with the idea of same-sex marriage, they’d rather stop helping children. And, even more absurdly, Brian Brown gives Illinois as an example, where same-sex marriage isn’t even legal! What a charade!

  13. DN says

    NOM has this video posted on their blog, and people are falling all over themselves to congratulate Brian Brown. How anyone could watch this video and think Brown came out as anything more than a stammering fool is beyond me.