Gay Corrections Officer Filing Discrimination Complaint Over Gay Pride Parade



Attorney Gloria Allred has filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation on behalf of Andrew Johnson, a correctional officer at the California Institute for Women in Chino. Allred says Johnson was denied a request to march in the West Hollywood Gay Pride parade, TMZ reports:

"Allred, said at a news conference that other departments — including the LAPD, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and the CHP — allow officers to march in uniform in the parade. Allred says the Department of Corrections allows officers to march in uniform in other parades, including the Christmas parade and the Carrot Festival."

Allred says the Department told Johnson that marching in the parade would bring "discredit" to the department. Over concern for retaliation, Johnson remained silent throughout the press conference carried live earlier today by TMZ.


  1. blusuiter says

    You made an error in saying Johnson is suing the L.A. Police Department, he isn’t. He is suing the California Department of Corrections, where he works. The LAPD actually encourages us to march in uniform.

  2. andaid says

    I don’t understand. Why is he suing the LAPD when they allow their officers to march in uniform. Is he being singled out? This makes no sense…

  3. LACATony says

    Blusuiter is correct, the post is factually wrong. He’s suing the California Department of Corrections not the LAPD.

    LAPD actively recruits LGBT officers and allows/encourages officers to march in the parade in uniform.

    Please correct the post as it does a disservice to LAPD and the positive work they are trying to do in the LGBT community.

  4. Francis says

    I think the answer has been provided, Andaid.

    And, a “discredit” to the office? Many have mixed feelings on Gloria, I know I do, but obviously justice needs to be served here. How insulting and upsetting this situation must be for Mr. Johnson.

  5. says

    The headline and the article (as others have mentioned) is incorrect and misleading! You have misread the TMZ article. He is a correctional officer suing the Department of Corrections. He is not a police officer. You even state in the quote that the LAPD allows officers to march in uniform. I have a friend who is a sheriff and he always marches in uniform.

  6. justme says

    The Department of Corrections and Chino are both a far cry from the LAPD and LA. Things ain’t perfect in La-La Land, but this battle was won ages ago. I am surprised and disappointed that an LGBT blog wouldn’t know that.

  7. Zlick says

    And, according to this story, he’s not “suing” at all. He’s filed a complaint with the state employment authority. That is not a suit. To sue, you must file a complaint in a court of law. A complaint filed with the Dept. of Fair Employment and Housing is not at all the same thing. Seems there’s a bunch of corrections needed here, which is ironic for a story concerning a corrections officer. 😉

  8. breckroy says

    It’s funny, even the Department of Defense DADT report (the second half, the support plan for implementation) specifically made sure to point out that a gay soldier marching in uniform in a parade (with a sign, no less) would not be a problem in a post-DADT repeal world, and yet the California Department of Corrections…

  9. TyInTenn says

    Damn. How did I not know in seeing just the headline that as I scrolled down I was going to see Gloria-Damn-Allred involved in this thing.

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