1. Henry Holland says

    Ewwwwwwww, gross, give me somebody lean and that doesn’t look like they spend their life in a gym/juicing any day.

  2. Tim NC says

    he would look better if he stopped shaving his chest. You can tell if he has that much beard on his face, there should be some on his chest as well.

  3. FMB says

    The cover and the the first pic are obviously with the same head shot. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just photoshopped his head onto some fitness model. Hah!

  4. Jerry says

    @FMB you may never have seen True Blood, but that is his body. No need to photoshop a hot bod onto Joes head.

  5. nic says

    that’s gross. a man should be fit, lean and cut. this, on the other hand, approaches monstrosity.

  6. Sargon Bighorn says

    It’s nice to see a man that is not over weight. 65% of Americans are overweight. Working out and not eating sugary crap food/drink sure has it’s rewards. To all the haters of in shape men, you can have the fat guys. They’re common, constantly eating, and when they get old, their knees and back will be shot. Muscle holds our bodies together and gives us the ability to move and do work, being out of shape and fat does not.

  7. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    Beautiful man, but doesn’t he have any other expression besides looking constipated?

  8. ravewulf says

    Upon scrolling down through the main page and seeing this my mind immediately went blank.

    Damn he is hot.

  9. Diogenes says

    What is it with fitness magazines and photoshop, or should I say poor attempts at photoshop?

  10. Paul R says

    Oooh, and it’s the bikini special issue! I’ll be sure to pick it up! That way people will believe I’m straight for buying a magazine filled with photos of shirtless guys!

    It’s clearly the same shot of his face in the first two pictures.

  11. jaragon says

    He is a very handsome man- that body at least in those shots does not seem real.

  12. Bruce Wayne says

    @Frank Furter
    Can you make me one like this, too? I’ll give you just seven days!

  13. jetboyds says

    I met him in Dallas, Tx, and he is also super nice and gay friendly. All 6’4″ of him is well, nice.

  14. Drew says

    ‘Italian Stallion’ is such a cliche, but with Joe, it’s a perfect match. Get me my saddle!

  15. Steerpike says

    Dudes, that is not necessarily steroids, though it is a lot of time in the gym. If he were on steroids he really would look a lot puffier and more bloated. I have got this big on good food and lots of exercise. But it takes a lot of maintenance and NO cake or beer or fun of any kind.