Methodist Clergy Pledge to Marry Same-Sex Couples in Minnesota

A group of Methodist clergy have come together in support of same-sex marriage, WJON reports:

Methodists "During their annual conference in St. Cloud, about 40 Minnesota United Methodist clergy have signed a statement saying they would marry any couple who came to them, including same-sex couples. Reverend Bruce Robbins of the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis read the statement yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. He said he initially had about a dozen of his colleagues sign the statement, by last night that number had grown to 40. The statement was a voluntary action and not a part of the annual conference."

Bishop Sally Dyck noted that "church discipline does forbid same-sex marriage, and clergy who perform them could lose their conference membership, or clergy credentials."


  1. kodiak says

    An example of courage in action. Applause. THIS is what real spirituality is about. Congressmen fight for their jobs. These Methodists fight for the rights of others.

  2. alexInBoston says

    There are also many “Old Catholic” Communities around the country that will also Marry any couple with full Sacramental and Civil services… Thank you to the Methodists who stepped up.. The OCC Church in the USA can be found in ALL US States….

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