1. Joe says

    Did she run and hide in the bushes again? Like when a lesbian confronted her with serious question in the bathroom.

  2. Trey says

    what?! did the glitter get stuck in the box or something? that could have been so much better. tisk.

  3. JonB says

    Okay, we’re going to have to start having serious glitter bomb classes for these people. Not one of these politicians has had a single flake of glitter land on them… glittering a table is no fun… get it in their hair and it’s not coming out for weeks! Come on people, put some weight into it!

  4. Phil says

    The guy who nailed Newt Gingrich did a much better job. Glitter Bomb 101: the glitter comes from above and lands on their hair.

  5. mstrozfckslv says

    and she is super crazy so she won’t handle it well

    I’ll bet she called home land security people

  6. Andalusian Dog says

    Keep going! I love these glitter bombings! But try to get it on the target…

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Joe you’re confusing two different events. She hid in the bushes when the there was a LGBT rally in front of the state house (all she had to do was stand up and watch). When running from the restroom after a lesbian tried to talk to her, she was asking for the police.

  8. will says

    Half a handful of glitter? That barely made it to Michelle?

    This was a big FAIL. I’m not sure Michelle even noticed. She was too busy waving. It had no wit. I feel like glitter bombing the glitter “bomber”.

  9. Xopher says

    her husband is the living glitter bomb!

    check out his youtube video.

    he’s all HI!GURL HI!

    a future “haggard” if I ever saw one.

  10. CJ says

    Will “glitter bombing” politicians do anything to advance the cause of equality? There is no question that attitudes in this country are changing. According to a CNN poll taken two months ago, 51% of respondents said that gay marriage should be recognized. Other recent polling supports this figure. Like it or not, equality is going to come through ballot initiatives and not through judicial action. Therefore, the way the GLBT community is viewed by independents and moderates (who more times than not swing elections) is going to be crucial in winning change. Public spectacles will do nothing to alter minds or swing voters who are not already solidified in their position.

    So go ahead and feel good every time someone gets glittered. But realize that actions can have unintended consequences.

  11. Max says


    Wingnuts disrupt Nutroots = bad
    Moonbats disrupt Bachmann = good

    Got it.

    Although, it couldn’t have happened to a nastier shrew. Maybe someone should throw condoms at her next.

    Actually, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to commission a mini-pride parade to follow her *everywhere* she goes in public. The media would eat it up.

  12. Craig says

    This is a pathetic trend that just looks silly. Nobody is going to change their opinion of anything based on some twit throwing glitter.

  13. Stephen says

    It will frighten her and make her more paranoid than she already is. people will see she can’t cope. This is good

  14. Tim says

    I’m with CJ and Craig — the glitter bombing trend seems misguided and quasi-violent to me. The targets have certainly all been worthy of protest, but what these actions leave us with is an awkward, ambiguous scene that doesn’t help our cause any. If someone from their side pulled this stuff with us we would be FURIOUS. To me it feels like the “glitter-bombers” are just looking for attention.

  15. Ray T says

    This needs to high tech. There are glitter guns available on for under $5

  16. 207guy says

    Craig is right: this does nothing to promote a cause. It may make you feel better but negates from the positive effects of ordinary sons/daughters/brothers/sister/etc coming our calmly and with dignity. Glitter is stupid.

  17. Paul says

    When deaiing with this woman glitter is not enough! I suggest Holy water – then stand back and watch here melt. Then we’d just have to watch out for her flying monkeys!

  18. Joe in CT says

    This is pointless and stupid. I hope the assaulter was arrested, then she can at least feel martyred for the cause.

  19. Rucka says

    This ‘protest’ only gives the ‘enemy’ some video of being ‘attacked’ by ‘gay-stremists’. I’s fast becoming a ‘broach of honor’ for them… enough already…

  20. rustytrawler says


    and double yawn to CJ. “Oooh people won’t like us if we throw glitter.”

  21. johnny says

    Take any political party and show examples of their fringe members who do radical things. Does anyone respect them or listen to their viewpoint? No. Does it help solidify the oppositions’ opinions? Yes.

    I see the offbeat humor and the P.R. intention in glitter bombing but I don’t think it’s our best approach.

  22. Adrian Kimberly says

    I love the concept of “glitter bombing,” but wish we wouldn’t let the media NAME the event with such a dangerous-sounding moniker. “BOMB?” How about calling it a “Glitter Tossing” event? (And, RayT, even though “glitter guns” are only $5 on AMAZON, I don’t think carrying anything to a political rally called a “gun” is a good notion…) Paranoid loonies like Ms. Bachmann will only seize on the word and scream it into the nearest microphone in order to further frighten the wingnuts of her entourage. That and there is also the “danger” that her closeted husband will come running at the mere suggestion that glitter is freely available should he want to scrape it off his “beard.”

  23. Steve says

    I don’t know if glitter bombing is effective or not or how it is perceived by the general public. I do applaud Get Equal for at least doing something confrontational to let the phobes know we are listening to them and that their words and actions do have consequences.

    Even if the consequence is simply having to get the glitter off their clothes or out of their hair.

    I do recall seeing footage of Anita Bryant getting a pie in the face in the seventies. That did seem to shut her pie hole. When was the last time you heard from her?

  24. Lou says

    Glitter seems like youre helping in celebrating something, what happen pies ala anita bryant?

  25. says

    I LOVE the concept of glitter-bombing. It’s non-threatening, visually effective, appropriately campy, and lasting.

    People who expect the LGBT community to wait out the slow roll-out of “public support” are the same people who urged us in the past to stay in the closet. Eff you. Some of us want to MAKE equality happen, not wait for it.

  26. X says

    More glitter!! She has hurt how many people? I know others complain that this is so bad or immature, but really, is it better to keep up with the too slow pace of justice and not say anything? Are we not allowed to express our rage?? How can some compare the actual, measurable harms against a whole population to the small offense of tossing glitter on this person who’s spearheaded all those harms? Augh more glitter!

  27. says

    Glitter bomb incidents = impotent, misguided acts by idiotic La Cage Aux Folles escapees craving media attention. And often, they will identify themselves as “queer” activists. It’s shameful, how some people use the Gay Rights movement as an excuse to satisfy their most immature impulses.

  28. Brian says

    CJ & Craig are right. It may be funny to us, but some may see it another way. Maybe there is a time when more militant action is required to get a message out (ACT UP and the AIDS crisis in the 80’s). But once a message is out it’s time to change hearts and minds. You can’t educate or sway others by being as rude and ignorant to those spewing prejudice and hate. Let’s not set back our cause at this critical time. Take the higher road.