News: Lady Gaga, Google, Penguin, Palm Springs

 road Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz get married in secret ceremony.

Gaga  road Lady Gaga has ditched her green wig and is a blond once again.

 road Cars 2 rakes in $67 million to be number one at the box office.

 road Newt Gingrich responds to the news about marriage equality in New York: "I think the president should be, frankly, enforcing (DOMA), and I think we are drifting toward a terrible muddle which I think is going to be very, very difficult and painful to work our way out of."

 road Unlike her mother, Mariah Carey's infant daughter doesn't like her picture taken.

 road Anti-gay preacher at the inaugural Pride in Salisbury, NC pushes for police to charge 74-year-old woman who kissed him on the mouth.

 road Decrease in the sun's sunspots could lead to a mini ice age.

 road Dead bees used in ads in order to call attention to their plight.

 road Google defends itself from criticism it has faced from members of the LGBT community.

Penguin  road Efforts underway to save solitary penguin stranded in New Zealand and sent it back to Antarctica.

 road The American man behind the Gay Girl in Damascus hoax may have posed as a second Syrian lesbian.

 road Five people were wounded around the corner from San Francisco's gay Pride in a shooting unrelated to the event.

 road Gay man and good samaritan attacked by anti-gay men in Portland

 road Palm Springs has the highest concentration of gay couples in California: "With about 115 same-sex couples for every 1,000 households, Palm Springs ranks ahead of other notably gay-friendly cities like San Francisco and West Hollywood, according to an analysis of census data by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law, based at the University of California, Los Angeles."


  1. Francis says

    Looking at the mug shots of the two hate attackers, it just further reinforces the reality that homophobic hate crime abusers are all lower-class low life trash. Street trash, people who low self-esteem who beat people they perceive as weak to feel better about themselves. If you’re not street trash, you do not walk alone past 1 at night, especially in big cities, and especially if you’re gay. That is an invite for trouble, unfortunately. Very cool that there was a good samaritan who stepped in, putting himself in harms way.

    The main attacker is an MMA fighter who was arrested just in March. I wonder if he’ll try to beat people up unprovoked in prison.

  2. Paul R says

    Actually, the article says, “It’s not known if the [San Francisco] shootings were related to the event.”

  3. james says

    Regarding Mr. Gingrich, federal enforcement of DOMA has no effect on state-by-state decisions regarding marriage equality. DOMA applies only to federal benefits being available to legally married same-gender couples. Once again, Mr. Gingrich doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Why are we still paying attention to him?

  4. jpeckjr says

    In the light of his recent conversion to Catholicism and his twice-divorced, serial adulterer status, maybe the Catholic Church should enforce its rules on divorce and adultery. He probably qualifies to be sent to hell, which is where I wish he would go.

  5. ratbastard says


    There’s so much wrong with your post, I don’t know where to begin.

  6. PLAINTOM says

    Newt Gingrich makes me smile.(To paraphrase) “By our enemies shall you know us.” We should hire Gingrich and Diaz to go around the country speaking against us.

  7. Tommy Marx says

    Portland is not gay-friendly. Honestly, I felt more respect in Kansas City and Greensboro than I ever did in Oregon. When I was working at The Standard, I was constantly made to feel small, even though I tried hard not to come off as gay. One of my team members referred to his boyfriend as his “friend” even though they’d been together for years. I was chastised for using the word “bowels” in a private conversation (a co-worker joked that a friend was eating yogurt to cleanse his bowels, and I sarcastically said I would prefer not to discuss anyone’s bowels). I was reprimanded further when, at a birthday gathering for a female co-worker, I made a joke about a male prostitute. No one had a problem with several of my co-workers discussing the various terminology for “muff-diving” – in a specifically straight, guy on girl way – yet a straight friend of mine was constantly bombarded with questions about his sexual orientation because he regularly ate lunch with me. And I’m not even flamboyant. I hate hair product, wear clothes from JC Pennys and Kohls, and don’t make my sexual attraction known to most. I think Oregon is one of the most beautiful states I’ve ever lived in, but it is extremely anti-gay. It is a liberal state if you want to smoke pot, but if you’re gay, it’s “accepted” because they’re liberal, not because they think it’s acceptable.

  8. lessthan says

    Look, that ice age story is B.S. No astronomer, climate scientist, or meteorologist makes those claims. The Mauder Minimum didn’t even really occur at the same time as the small ice age. Please stop posting this stuff.

  9. Clif3012 says

    Actually, Newt kinda has a point.

    The state by state patchwork approach (albeit gathering a huge momentum) is going to drag the federal government into a muddle. The state strategy, whilst turning out pretty good for our cause, is going to force the federal government to confront the issue on the states’ terms, not its own- to say nothing of the gray area created by not repealing or enforcing DOMA. So, yes, it is going to create a muddle but the outcome is going to be different than what Newt wants.

  10. ratbastard says

    @Tommy Marx,

    IMPOSSIBLE! Portland is PROGRESSIVE! The mayor is gay….er, excuse me, queer! I refuse to believe you, you must be making sh*t up.

    You’ll actually discover NYC, Boston, Montreal, etc…aren’t in reality, on a daily basis, particularly gay-friendly either actually. And they’re very multicultural, but oddly there’s A LOT of tension. But they are progressive!!

  11. David B. says

    @Clif the supreme court needs to get involved to standardize all the states — short of that — it’s civil war because when the states all decide for themselves — some could secede.

    That would be fun! It was last time…